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Is this okay?

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George likes to drink the water that comes out from the pet grass I put out for him- is it okay for him to drink? I dont see him drink anything else, I even bought one of those fancy water fountains- he has no interest. But when I water the pet grass with filtered water, it creates a puddle underneath and he seems to like to drink that- it is green, but i have to think it is okay? I just wanted to make sure

Also, what do people recommend for pet grass- should I grow my own, what brand, how often do i replace it, etc....?

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I'm sure that water is fine. It will have minerals picked up from the soil, but if you are using soil that is safe for growing things, the water should be fine too. I use commercially prepared indoor potting soil for mine, and have had no problems.

As for the brand of cat grass, there is really no difference in what grows. Higher quality seeds just have a higher percentage that sprout, so may be cheaper than they appear in the long run. There's not a lot you can do wrong, plant the grass, let it sprout, let kitty nibble on it. I buy seed packages, and then just keep sowing a new batch every couple of weeks, I don't bother with the pre-packeged kits. But I have indoor plant supplies anyway, so its not a bother.
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You can go to a feed store - if you have one near you - and purchase either wheat, oat or rye grass, that's what is in the seed packages from the store.

Buying through a feed store is sooooooooooooooooo much cheaper.
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