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Lexi is having trouble with her dry food

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I feed my cats three times a day. The first feeding is dry food, the second a mixture of dry and wet, and the third is wet.

Yesterday, Lexi threw up her first feeding, then refused to eat anything more. Her second and third feedings weren't a problem.

Today, again, she has thrown up after eating her dry food, and again refuses to eat anything more. It's too early for her other two feedings, so I don't know how she will handle them.

Her behavior isn't out of the ordinary, and she seems pretty bright eyed. But I'm a little worried now, since this is the second time she's thrown up in two days. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I'm thinking about calling the vet today, since they close over the weekend, and if there is a problem I don't want it to wait until monday.
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I feel that if you are concerned, it's always best to call the vet to explain the situation and see if your Dr. believes you need to bring her in. I wonder, though, is Lexi eating her food really fast and then throwing it up? When this occurs, it has been recommended to elevate the dish on a thick book or something like that. This helps prevent the kitty from eating too quickly. You can also spread the food out thinly over the dish so it takes longer to eat. I do believe it would be a good idea to check with your vet. That's so much better than wishing later that you had!
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Thanks for the advise. I'll see what I can find to elevate her dish. I've been thinking of getting something anyway, I just haven't found anything I've liked yet.

Lexi actually eats the slowest of all my cats. I usually have to stand guard over her because the other two finish their food, and want to steal hers. And she'll let them.
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Please let us know what your vet says!
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I called the vet, they wanted to see her, but at this point don't seem to think it is serious. They were booked up today, so I've got an appointment for her monday.

So, I have to wait the weekend out, anyway.
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I'm so glad you made that appt.! Sounds like you'll be keeping a careful watch over her this weekend!
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Yes I am! She's been acting well so far. Her last two meals went well, with no throwing up. I found a box top and set the plate on that. It's working for now.

Funny thing happened with her. Well, maybe not funny, but out of character. Lexi is not active... at all. And because my other two are so active, she doesn't like them.

I got home late from work today, so maybe she was just happy to see me. I was cleaning up there supper dishes when I happened to notice that Lexi was crouching and getting ready to pounce onto Zac, who was just rounding the corner. She was initiating play. This is not just highly unusual activity for her, this has never happened before! Lexi has not engaged in this sort of play since she was a kitten, and never, never with Zac. She doesn't like Zac.

They played nicely for a short bit, then settled in opposite chairs to relax.

I don't know what to think. If she is sick, she isn't acting it.

I guess I'll have to wait til monday and see what the vet says.
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