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Tomorrow Butterscotch crosses the bridge

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I am fairly new to this forum and haven't written many posts yet and when I do post it is usually about our ferals, so you don't really know of my beautiful Butterscotch. She is a wonderful red-haired 14 year old with a great personality. She has only been with me about 8 of those years. My sister gave her to me when she found out her husband was allergic. ( I would have kept the cat! He turned out not to be such a nice person) Anyway, after a 5 month struggle with squamous cell carcinoma I am putting her to sleep tomorrow. I am brokenhearted and I don't know how I am going to get through this. Last year my 18 year old Mittens died of cancer and kidney failure and I am hardly over that. Please send some prayers our way.
Also, One of our ferals (she has been really hard to trap, but we will get her as soon as the kittens are a little older) had three kittens and now there are only two. I have looked and looked but I am fearing the worst. She moved them on a really hot day here in New York and there is no sign of the little beauty. Please send a prayer for that beautiful little calico beauty.

Thank you,
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I am so sorry that your journey of sorrow is starting soon. But know that you are doing the right thing in giving Butterscotch her peace. It is the hardest thing to do to end their pain, because while they are here, our pain stays distant, and once they are gone, the pain hits us quickly.

Stay strong for her, she knows you love her and that's all that matters in the end...
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What an awful time you have had recently. I am so sorry.
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I know the pain you are enduring is so very tough and intense, but try to keep in mind that you are doing what is absolutely the best for you furbaby. Your love for her is so strong and unconditional, and your decision is so unselfish. She loves you just as intensely and unconditionally, and please believe that you will never really be completely without her. My heart hurts so very badly every day for my little man Tank I recently put down. Not a day so far has gone by that I haven't shed tears over him. Please don't be afraid to feel your emotions, as they are your pathway of healing. Also know that everyone here is so kind and compassionate....we are here if you ever need to talk. Everyone here is familiar with times like these (unfortunately) and is willing to lend a helping hand to you in any time of need.
You are doing what's in her best interest, and that is a strong and respectable decision. Love her as much as you ever have tonight, and remember that she will never leave your heart.
Both you and Butterscotch are in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Take care of you,
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I'm so sorry. Both you and Butterscotch (and the little kitten) are in our prayers as you help her make the journey home. Stay strong with heras she crosses over. She knows what you are about to do is for her well being even though it is difficult. She will be waiting for you with forgiveness and love in her heart and soul when you two meet again. She'll be watching over you.

Take care.
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Feel for you know what its like
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Praying for you Butterscotch and the little baby kitten. What a heartbreak for you, will be thinking of you too.
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I am so very sorry. This must be such a painful, difficult decision. I am praying for you to have strength and to feel peace in your heart during this time of grief. Please remember, we are here for you.
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I am so sorry that you have to go through this You and sweet Butterscotch are both in my thoughts and prayers. I know this is so hard for you, but you have to believe that you are doing the right thing. Butterscotch will be at peace and won't feel anymore pain. She will still be with you and watching over you, until you are joined once again
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I am so sorry to hear about Butterscotch. Oh dear, I am just in tears. I know EXACTLY how you feel and can only tell you it will get a little better with time. Putting down my Tigger was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life. Oh jeez, it was. But I knew I was doing the right thing as you are too. Just know my Tigger will be there for him with open paws and they can all play together.

my prayers are with you--
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Wow...what a terrible thing to have to go through..but just remember the 8 wonderful years that you and Butterscotch have had. I am sending out vibes regarding the little kitten.

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I'm so sorry, thinking of you and knowing the pain your in.
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Wishing Butterscotch a gentle journey onward and holding you in my thoughts. SHe sounds like a beautiful soul.

I'm keeping the little calico in my thoughts too. Life is hard at that age, especially as a feral baby.

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The day before I had to put my Pete down, I noticed that KittenKiya would not leave his side. When KittenKiya came home ffrom the Humane Society, Pete was the first one to lick him and welcome him home. They were the best of buddies, ate together, slept together, went potty together. Even though Pete had to stay a long time in the litter box, KittenKiya stayed right there. That night when we went to bed, KittenKiya and Pete snuggled up together for the last time. I remember watching KittenKiya lick Pete and snuggle with him. They knew. Pete had the most wonderful night of his life. You are facing the most heartbreaking decision that you will ever have to be called upon to make. If you are putting your baby down to save pain and suffering for him, then you are doing the right thing. Our babies don't understand what is happening to them, they only know the pain. If you are putting a stop to that, bless you for your loving-kindness. You are a person of integrity. Your heart will ache and you will cry, but your baby will be safe, asleep, with no more pain. Tomorrow will be very hard on you, enjoy your baby tonight. You will always have those wonderful memories.
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JIL05 We are all thinking of you and Butterscotch. You are in our prayers and hearts.
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Oh no! So sad! I hope baby is okay. But you see them someday.
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As everyone else, I am so sorry to hear what your going to be going through. Making the decision to ends something's life is one of the hardest things you will ever go through. But it is for thier own good. At the time, all you will know is the pain in your heart, but please know that God will take care of her and she will be in a better place, a place without sickness, pain or fear. I had to put down my two 17 year old the same time. Both were very sick with differernt ailments, mostly associated with old age. So, I made the decision since they lived thier whole lives together that they would enter Heaven together. I was so upset after I did it I almost ripped the blinds off of the vet's office, but my loving husband and father were there with me,and they helped me overcome my grief. It truly is the best thing, and you will know it in time. Know that you will meet again someday and until the day that it's your time, know that they are always with you, in your heart. God Bless!
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Thank you all so much for your kind words of comfort and prayers. Also thank you for the warm welcome you have all extended. Cat people are truly special people!

Butterscotch crossed the bridge this afternoon at 12:30 PM. I am in tears as I write this, but I know I did the right thing. It was so wierd because she cheered up as soon as she got in the carrier to go to the Vet, and I then began doubting myself again. I can only think that she somehow knew her pain would be over soon. After the first shot to relax her and put her to sleep, she climbed into my arms, gave me the most loving look and then fell asleep right there. Then the vet gave the final shot and she went so peacefully. From reading your posts I know she will have many new friends to play with.

Thank you so much again, Your posts are truly helping me get through this.

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JIL05 there is nothing I can do to take the pain away, but I am hurting for you and so sad too. You have been her best friend to the very end, and I am sure Butterscotch is sending you so much love now. Nothing can ever hurt her again.
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I know that your heart is in excruciating pain right now, but please do remember that your decision was one of unconditional love. You did this to ease her pain, stop her suffering, and allow her to go on to her better place. You did the right thing. I know that doesn't make it hurt any less, but perhaps it will leave your mind at a bit more ease.
Try to get some sleep, accept your grief, and know that we are all thinking of you. Every single one of us is hurting in our hearts along with you, and are here to support you.
Take care and keep in touch!
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My heart goes out to you and to Butterscotch.
I am so sorry for your loss.
My thoughts and prayers are with you and I have said a special prayer for the little lost calico baby. I am having the same problem here in my little "feral country". Two kittens from one of my ferals have little black one and one little gray one. It is heart breaking but that is life as a feral I guess. We save the ones we can and as for the rest we must just trust that they are in a better place.(which isn't always easy to do).
If I may I will refer you to a good pet grief site.
Check out the Candle Light Rose Ceremony. It is beautiful.
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