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Wow! Check this out!  

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I don't know how much you know about Usama Bin Ladin, but check out this profile on him!

I almost weigh as much as him and I am 5'8! Gosh, with all that money, you'd think he'd have a decent meal.


He has more names than a phone book! Check out the amount of the reward money

This has been posted since 1998...
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I hope they find him & kill him..... So many different aliases! I thought he was much younger, but looks can be deceiving, I guess! It was reported on MSNBC that he inherited over $300 (maybe it was 3)million from his parents & that's where he gets the money to fund his terrorism groups!
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I heard his money is staggering! Remember he owns tons of oil fields and this kind of money is most unimaginable by all of us.

Trust me, if it wasn't in the billions I'd be suprised.

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Thanks for showing us that, I wasn't really sure what he looked like.
I sure hope they catch him!!!!!!!
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Does anyone else find it ludicrous that Bin Laden;as well as many other terrorist figureheads are from areas and families that live VERY well indeed from Western monies?? Most of these familys had centuries of practice at oppressing their own people long before they started selling us oil. As we can see with Fidel Castro...the "saviors" are mostly as bad as those before them.
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Okay so I had heard that his parents were wealthy and he inherited a lot of it from them. Than I heard he got most of his money from oil.

Than... on Saturday the news reported that there is an ingredient in some soda's call gum arabic or glucose arabic... something like that, this ingredient keeps the soda from sticking to the bottom of cans. Supposedly Bin Laden owns part of this and get the proceeds. The news said everytime you buy a can of soda you are paying bin laden. I looked on a can of Coke and no such ingredient.

Anyone have info?
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Gum arabic si used in soft candies as well as some lithographic application.. The largest producer and exporter of Gum is a comapny in the Sudan..

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Thanks for the info Ken. So does that mean that Bin Laden has connections to this? Do you know? The news said that he did. But sometimes it is hard to believe the first thing you hear.
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