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timid female from shelter

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Hi, I am new on the site and am still learning how to use it.

I adopted a six year old female tuxedo from the local shelter 1 month ago. Georgia was at the shelter for 2 years and they think it was because she was so timid and run to people when they came into the rooms. Georgia has come a long way in being comnfortable here in "our" home. However, the people at the shelter think she was a stray and is not used to being picked up, hugged, and all those good things. She still won't walk around me when I'm walking, but, will do so if I'm still.

I have read help comments on the socialzation process that should go on at home, and have heard the phrase "take the cat to the vet", but, no one seems to be able to address how do you get a timid cat, that doesn't like to be picked up yet, runs away when you walk in the room---into a carrier, much less to the vet. I would appreciate ideas from experience, as I have never had a problem, but, this is the first time I have adopted a stray.
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angie- check your email
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Hi Angiem, and welcome!!!! And congratulations on your new addition!!! Bless you for taking in an older girl!

I too joined this site when I adopted an older girl from the shelter - Bella is approx 8 and was at the no-kill shelter for five years, for the same reasons you noted, she was very timid around visitors.

Bella's been with me now for two months and she's just recently come into her own. She was very cautious at first, and hid most of the first week she was home with me. It's perfectly normal! Just give her space, sit and read/talk quietly to her and let her get used to her presence. There are lots of great resources and wonderful people here on the site who can answer your questions!

(If you want to read about Bella's transition, do a search under my username for the threads I've started - I was pretty fanatical those first couple weeks - first-time parent and all )

As for taking her to the vet, did the shelter tell you what shots/services she's had recently? The gals were pretty thorough w/Bella, so I didn't worry much. I took her in after about a month at my house, just for a check-up. Once she's comfortable with you petting her, you should be able pick her up w/long sleeves on (I have scars to remind me of this mistake). Turn the carrier on its end, put a smelly shirt in the bottom (one that smells like you and will cushion the bottom) and place her gently feet first in the carrier. This should make it easier to get her in there. If she's not well and you NEED to get her to the vet, you may need to hunt her down but her health is more important than her comfort level at that point.

Once again welcome!! Lots of friendly folks and great advice to be found here. Look forward to hearing more from you!!!
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Rica Lynn, that you for your help. Georgia received her shots and is healthy. That's not a problem. I guess I do the "what if" senario.The carrier is part of my decor since a want her to relate it to good expereince (interactive play). Perhaps my volunteer work at the shelter ( and they do wonderful work with the cats brought, and it's clean, the cats roam and only are in cages if they get sick) this summer will help me in learning about how to work with strays. I am so happy I have. She's lovable and just the chance. Thanks again, I would like to hear of your futher experiences with your cat as well, since that will also help me.
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