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siamese colours

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My babies are now 4 days old,being our first siamese litter my only experince is from alot of reading ive done. I was under the impression that they started to get their colours around 1 week-10days,and that seal was the first colour to show,followed by the other colours. 2 of my babies have started to get their colour,blue,arong tne ears,nose ect. Was just after someone personal experince with this rather than the slightly misleading info from books
takce are all
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Congrats on the new litter. Being a breeder of OSH and my mom a breeder for 40 years of OSH and Siameses, colors sometimes come out earlier but they don't truly set in for a few weeks. If you can tell me the colors of the parents and what's behind those pedigrees, I might be able to tell you what to expect. Also, don't forget that there are chocolate points also. If you can tell me what color the paw pads are, that's a pretty sure indication of the color they will be.

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thank you frannie,just since yesterday the rest have all started to colour up the same,and by the looks of their nose/paw pads i think they are all blue. Mum is Seal,from blue,by an 8 generation seal. Dad is a blue colourpoint,from a lilac oriental by and blue point.Was hoping that once their colour came in i could tell them apart,looks like thats not going to help LOL.
thank you
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