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my cat is being weird

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I have a beautiful small cat, about the size of a 6 moth old. She is 3 years old, and not fixed. We moved from the home she knew her whole life to then, and about a week after that, she escaped and met three toms. She was near the end of her heat cycle when she got out. But once back home, (she was out for about 8 hours at night) she seemed mad at me. She wouldn't let me pet her, or pick her up, She wouldn't come when I called her, and she hid a lot.

We ended up having to move again, and she seems fine with the new house. But she follows me everywhere, and is becoming agressive with the two other cats, both fixed females. One cat moved in about a week before MyRage escaped and met the toms. She and Mystyc seemed to be becoming friends(Mystyc moved in with us a week before) Now MyRage chases Mystyc, and Myth(our other cat that MyRage grew up with) away. She won't let either cat near me, or in our bedroom.

MyRage also has been pretty lazy, following me around everywhere, whining at me. Climbing into my lap when i sit down, or sitting really close to me. She has been cleaning her self a lot, and cleaning my hands. She usually hates her tummy touched, but lately she's been wanting it rubbed, and when I rub it she really starts licking my hands. I don't remember her having nipples before, but I can easily find them now, they are slightly pink.

She's been climbing into our dresser drawers while we try to put stuff away, she's been crawling under stuff, and into every nook and cranny. I've been finding her in odd places too, like on top of my clean towels in the closet...

We've moved twice in a month and a half. She got out right after we moved the first time, I understand that introducing new cats into a home can cause stress. Mystyc lived upstairs, while we lived in the basement, they met through the door, and a few times when MyRage got upstairs. They aren't complete strangers. Mystyc is also a very dominant cat, but she has been backing away from MyRage.

The reason i don't believe she is, is that she is really small. She doesn't show anything. Her hind end seems heavier, like it's kinda filled with lead. Her tummy seems a little thicker, and stiffer to the touch. But it doesn't seem bigger. She is acting very strange compaired to her normal. The main thing is she is over loving right now. and over protective also. She is such a small fluffy cat, she still looks too small to have babies in her.

I wish i knew if there were more signs to look for to see if she were or not. any help at all would be appreciated. Does she sound pregnant, or stressed. She is eating and drinking. and using her litter box.
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Just curious, you said your other two cats are s/n, why isn't MyRage? She may have been injured by the encounter(s) with the toms, which would explain her hiding and strange behavior when she came in that day. You said that was about a month and a half ago?

yup, sounds pregnant to me. A lot of times you can mistake a pregnant belly for an overfed belly on sight, but you gave all the indicators for a pregnancy: contact w/intact males while in heat, prominent nipples, firm belly, nesting behaviors. . . I'd say prep yourself a nesting box and get ready to be a grandpa! Best to take her to the vet to be sure. And please, please, if she is pregnant, get her spayed asap after weaning those babies!

There are lots of great folks here who will help you with whatever information you need from this point. Welcome and good luck!!!
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grandma... lol, she's a mama's girl. She escaped april 20th. we were having a house warming party, and she slipped out when a friend hesitated while going out the door. I did check her for injuries when she came in, and when we saw her with the toms, they seemed to be protecting her. One of them seemed like he was going to attack me when I finally got close enough to catch her.

The reason she wasn't spayed... my fault. we had the money all ready to get it done when she was 6 months, and I decided to spend the money on something else instead, and since then we've been short, but very careful with her. And she is so beautiful and sweet, we have a lot of friends that wanted babies from her, but we finally changed our minds becuse the tom we had picked out either got hit by a car or stolen. And she will be fixed. I've always wanted kittens, my husband and I can't have babies, so we kinda wanted to let her have them. very iresponsible behavior on our part, but we have 4 kittens taken care of already, good homes and everything. But she is so so small. I don't want to get excited about her having kittens because I don't want to be sad when she doesn't. And there are a lot of changes in her life to make her act weird, but... the way she's acting, I'm getting the feeling of kittens.


Mystyc was spayed when she was 6 months, Myth was spayed when she was about a year old. MyRage... Will be fixed soon. Really soon.
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