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Diabetes Insipidus

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Does anyone out there have a cat with Diabetes Insipidus? My little girl, Trinity was diagnosed with it a year and a half ago. It's kind of a rare disease and there's only one website online with information. She's seems to be doing well, but I'd like to find someone else who's cat has this disease to compare notes.
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Here is a link with comprehensive information...


Be sure to see differentials and rule-outs with the accompanying sub-links (i.e., central vs nephrogenic vs pituitary)

Your vet can give you a hand-out information sheet to keep handy or you can print the info from the link. The two most important aspects of care are keeping kitty well hydrated and providing fresh water at all times. If she ever seems dehydrated in the least or drinking excessive amounts of water or increased/excessive urination for whatever the reason, never hesitate to contact your vet promptly. You should get regular checkups on your kitty including CBC, PCV and urine specific gravity, although the specific gravity should not be used alone in testing/monitoring (other values in the urinalysis are equally as important)

If you are treating with medications such as DDAVP, monitor this medication carefully as your vet advises. Overdoses of this medication can cause water intoxication.

Your kitty can lead a normal life with this condition, she simply requires regular check-ups with your vet and sooner if you notice any unusual signs such as noted above.............................Traci
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