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My new baby!

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Well....I was on here less than 5 hours ago with four abandoned kittens beside me in a box. I took them to a vet clinic (they were closed but the SPCA called the vet and got her to come in for a bit)and one of them came back home with me! Volunteers with the SPCA are caring for the others. The vet guessed "Missy" is about 2 weeks old and appears to be doing very well. She hadn't gone long without food from her momma, so there was no damage done. I got some KMR from her and a teeny nurser bottle for kittens. I just got home about half an hour ago and my little Missy drank a good amount of warm milk and is now snoozing in a box on my bed With a lot of TLC I think she will be fine Wish me luck, and as always, any advice you have is welcome.
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No advice. What a big heart you have and how lucky "missy" is to have been found by you.
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Congratulations on your new baby! I just replied back to your PM w/ a good link!
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Congrats on your new addition. I'm sure she'll be fine along with the others. Any questions, just ask.

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Dear Melissa :angel2:

What a blessing for both you and those kittens...thanks for having such a huge heart and sharing it those babies. Best of wishes to you, I'm sure you'll bring each other much joy.

Love & Peace
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Melissa; I am sure you will make an excellent Kitty Mommie! :angel2:
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Congratulations on Missy!!!!!!! Can you post a picture? I know you will do great with her!
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It was so nice of you to bring little Missy back home with you.
I'm sure you both will do fine.
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I'm going to get pics of my kitties on here soon, hopefully
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Melissa what an you are!!!!
Give little Missy a kiss from me. Mr. Eric meaows hello too!
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Melissa, many congratulations , I,m sure Missy will bring you alot of joy.

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