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There once was little kitten who liked to help make the bed

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Oh, how Tiggy loves it when I make the bed..........he loves to get under the flat sheet and wait for his sister to come...........

Next thing you know, he feels something on top of him Petals has discovered him...........

He fights her off with all his might!

She realizes she is no match for him and slinks away before he gets out

He doesn't let her off the hook! GOTCHA!
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What a dramatic story! Tiggy and Petals are so cute!
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Thanks Dawn..........Sierra is a doll too!
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Great story, but I was hoping for a fairytail happily ever after ending
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Oh how funny , mine like to do that too It is to cute to watch them play like that
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Well Feral, unfortunately, it doesn't have a happy ending. He kicked her butt and she is planning a revenge attack on him.......will keep you updated. Never a dull moment in our house!
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Ooohhh Goody I love action filled sequels

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Can't wait for the next episode. Keep 'em coming!
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Thanks Hedi..........can't wait to see more pics of your babies! They are all so special and sweet........

Cilla, as soon as the next sequel happens, you'll see it right here. Petals is still planning the revenge attack! Keep watching..................
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LOL. That just brightened my day considerably!
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Anytime our babies can brighten someones day,we're happy!
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When we last left Petals and Tiggy, Tiggy had gotten the better of Petals and now she is busy making plans for her revenge......there's been alot of tention in the house tonight........this is what we have so far..........stay tuned!
When last we left the story, Tiggy had kicked Petals butt. Now, not one to be defeated by a boy, Petals is thinking, planning and strategizing while Tiggy has been a nervous wreck, knowing the attack may come when he least expects it....... He looks up at me and asks if I knows where Petals is......
I tell him I hasn't seen her lately, so he decided now is his chance to practice up on his fighting skills. Tiggy attacks his stuffed snake.

Feeling confident, he relaxes by taking a bath........tune in to see how this ends........
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Tiggy!!! This is the first I have seen of him today As always he is beautiful! Petals is adorable as well. I like how Tiggy is hiding in the covers waiting

I remember when you first posted you were talking about how Tiggy was being left out by his sisters, how is that going? Are they being a little bit easier on him and including him more often? I hope so, how could you make that cute little guy sit out
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Hi Squirt! Hadn't seen you all day! Make sure you read, Petals and Tiggy, part 2. I just posted it. Anyway, no, Triixe and Petals don't include Tiggy much more than they did, but they are playing with him more. It'll be a year in August when he came to live with us. I'd love to see them all 3 cuddled together, taking a nap.........
How is Dori tonight?
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Dori is doing good She is such a sweetie I have been slammed at work the past 2 days so I haven't had a whole lot of extra time. I also hope that one day all 3 of them will cuddle up together, I also hope that you are right there with that camera! I bet you would frame that pic The first picture you posted of Tiggy under the covers, I love his little face. It is so cute and he always has such purrsonality!
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He is BEAUTIFUL!!! Go Tiggy go! He is not going to get beat by a little girl!
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I love the stories!!

I'm going to merge these threads so we can all follow the story from the beginning through all the emerging drama.
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I love the pic where Tiggy is hiding underneath the covers.. looks so contented

Now I'm waiting for the next sequel to come and the waiting is killing me!!!
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I love it! Too cute! I was laughing so hard when I saw those first pic's!! I can't wait to see what happens in the next sequel!!
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I too can't wait to see what happens next.The stories are really cute and funny.

I LOVE the pic where Tiggy is attacking the snake.Too funny.
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That's so awesome, I love the story and captions. Very cool cats

Marc and Bor
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Well Tiggy and Petals fans, I was looking at this thread, and some of the pics are missing. I am not sure why, but I will bring you up to date with what's been going on in our house since this vandetta started. These kitties sure are something........

Anyway, last we left the story, Tigger had worked out and felt pretty confident in whatever surprise attack Petals was planning
he would be able to take her. Last we saw him, he was taking a bath before bed.

Waking up this morning, I walked past the closet, and I hear, "PSSSSSSSST" I look around, and here is Tiggy hiding out in there. He wanted to know if I knew where Petals was this morning. I guess his confidence of superiority was waning

I hadn't seen her, so he left catiously to see if he could see what she was up too. He came across his older sister Trixie taking her morning nap under the bed. He asked her, "Pixie, have you seen Petals?" She looks under the bed and say's "She's not under here"

Taking pity on her paranoid little brother, she got up and helped him look for her.

In the mean time, Petals was staying out of sight, wanting Tiggy to be paranoid about where she was.........so she climbed behind the blinds in the window

Thinking he might be safe and be out of sight, he decided to go in the window also.........little did he know...........

She could hear him out there.......could almost feel his nervousness....little did he know where she was...........

Tune in soon to find out how this all turns out..........
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OMG, they are just ADORABLE! Love to watch the babies play.

You made my day, thanx!
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Glad you liked them! Can't wait to see more of Cody!
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Can you all see the pics???
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I thisaw 6 pics...all were adorable!!
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Ok.We need to hear what happens next please.Get us hooked and then you disappear.LOL.
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I'm so sorry Vette.......they just haven't done anything for me to continue the story........very boring little kitties! LOL As soon as I have a pictures to keep the story going, I promise I will..............
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This is brilliant!
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very clever
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