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Pile of pets

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Here are my three Amigos.

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GREAT Picture!!!!
You should submit that one to "Caption This"

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Oh, that's just too sweet! Do they cuddle up together like that often?
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Good thing he's just a young'n, or Jack could be in for some major chiropractic bills!!!! They're so cute!!!!
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They're so cuuuute!!!!!
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Awwwwww they look so sweet
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so cute!!!
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Oh how I wish I could get my three to do that! My girls will, but snuggling with thier brother, my little Tigger, is out of the question! Did they grow up together?
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That looks so cozy
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Awww! hehehe that's so cute.. I hope you don't have a gassy doggy though.
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OMG this is sooooooooooooooo cute

You got a Boston Terrier , me too
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What a wonderful, great picture!!!

And so sweet.
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ROTFL! They are so cute. What a great picture.
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What a great picture, I love it when they snuggle together!
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Thank you all!! Yes, this kind of scene is the norm. You can usually find all three on the same couch as me every night. Although, Jack was in that funny position that night. They didn't exactly grow up together. Solaman was 3 years old when we got Norman at 3 months old. Then a year later we got Jack when he was 8 weeks old. Maybe because Norman and Jack came in the house as babies they were able to bond so well.

Hedi, Bostons are great dogs!! I wish we would have known sooner . Norman is great with the kids, the cats, the neighbors, the mailman, etc.....
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Awww! What a cute picture!
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