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sexing kittens

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I have 5 babies that are a week old. 4 of them have like a little bulge under the anus, and 1 doesnt. Does this mean I have 4 boys and 1 girl? Is it possible for the testicles to be seen at this early age?
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Kim at this age, it is even hard for vets to tell and be accurate! If you go to www.kitten-rescue.com there is a section about sexing a kitten
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LOL, I like how you say like a little bugle. Click here to see a page on how to determine the kitten's sex.
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Ah, posted at the same time.
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I'm starting to wonder if you two are long distance twins (MA and Tania) with the number of times you post at the exact same time.

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LOL Katie. MA and I do have a lot in common and communicate frequently by e-mail. maybe we were each other in previous lives.
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