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I had to take Henrietta back temporarily. - Page 2

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Oh Tammie that is so upsetting- and lucky you found her again.
I would be furious!!
After all the effort you put in with her and I know you would only have let her go to what you thought was a good home. You really never know. I could never be a cat breeder for that reason.
Have you heard from Carmella's new owners- is she doing OK?
Hope things work out with Henrietta and the neighbours
best wishes
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Thanks everyone! Henrietta is fine! I just keep kissing her face and irritating her. Of course she is happy to be out of kitty jail. She spent some time at the neighbors house yesterday and I think they were happy with it.

Carmella is doing fine. She has a cateract in one eye. There is a vet here that does laser surgery and they are having her eye repaired. I'm glad.... she is such a beautiful cat.
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I've got a feeling this is going to work out for Henrietta.
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Yeah - that would be soooo perfect for her and you. Give the little princess more annoying kisses and hugs from me.
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Tammie, could you spare us some cute pic's of Henri? Please?

I do hope that it all turns out for the best for you & for her! She deserves a home & a family that loves her as much as you do!!
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Argh! I hope Henrietta finds a home. That just burns me up. Ya know, ya just wonder what is wrong with people these days!::censor::censor::censor:: If they didn't want her, why didn't they just give her back to you? Thanks for trying to find her a real home - I hope it happens soon!

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Im glad the neighbors look promising. The poor kitty was probably so tramatized and if it works out with them, at least she will be in a stable situation. I hope it works out. Did you hear anything about how Henrietta ended up at Petsmart? Or is her prior family still not returning your phone calls?
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Here is a picture of Henrietta. Not the best one but she's never been very photogenic anyway! She has gone to live with the neighbors and seems much happier. When she is here she won't play or anything because of the other cats. Now it seems, she is a new woman!

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Oooh, I'm so glad your neighbors have taken her in! That's wonderful news! Henrietta, I wish you the best of luck!!!!
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I too am glad that the neighbors decided to take her in. She is a stiking beauty for sure
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I hope it all works out for Henrietta, she is just beautiful!
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How wonderful I hope it will work out for Henrietta and the new neighbor
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That's great news. She looks a real cuddle babe.
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Thanks everyone! I'll pass along all your well wishes to Miss Henrietta!

I got Peaches, Jake and Hallie a new play gym today. I'll post pictures of them with it later in the "More Really Cute Persians" Thread!
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I'm so glad Henri has found a new home. She's so pretty. I hope it all works out!

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That is such great news Tammie! Please let us know how she's doing & give us some updates on our little Henri girl!
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I'm glad it worked out with the neighbors! Now she will be close enough to visit, too.
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yay for henrietta!
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