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I had to take Henrietta back temporarily.

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I had found Henrietta a home I thought was a good one. But the other day a friend of imine called and told me she thought she saw Henrietta in Petsmart in a little town just outside of Salt Lake City. So I went and checked it out and it was her. I don't know what happened yet as I haven't been able to get a hold of the people. But Petsmart said she had been found wandering by someone and had been turned in to the Humane society.

I guess I'll try to find out what happened but regardless, I don't think I will give Henri back to those people. Even if she just got out, why weren't they looking for her? I will have to find her another home. It's so hard screening people. You think you find good people and you're still taking a chance.
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I would be so angry with those people that...well I don't have the words that I can put on here as to what I would like to do to them

I am so glad that Heneritta is safe with you again. How scared she must have been. That poor baby. How lucky that you got a phone call and went to Petsmart and came across her there
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That is incredible. But how lucky that someone recongnised her and told you about her. Like you say, how can you be sure about people, but you have to trust and go by your own judgment or else you will end up keeping hundreds of cats. I do hope you find a good home for this poor kittie.
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That is so frustrating. I have never had to find an owner for a cat before but I can only imagine how hard it must be How lucky that you were able to find her and get her ck with you where she is safe. Are you sure the people were not looking for her? If they weren't then I wouldn't give her back to them.
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Yeah, thank God my friend recognized her! I don't have a lot of faith that the people were looking for her. At least they didn't call the Humane Societ which would be the first place I call. And they have to hold them for so many days before placing them for adoption.
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What an amazing story! That she turned up at a PetsMart, and that your friend recognized her. I would have been crying when I saw her there! And I probably would not give her back to those people either. Did she recognize you? Did you have to pay to adopt her back?
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Well in that case, I definately would risk giving her back to them Especially if you have a bad feeling about it. Sometimes you have to trust your gut. Good luck in finding someone else, I have my fingers crossed that you are able to find the perfect family for Henrietta.
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I did have to pay to get her back. That's ok.... they have expenses too and it's not their fault it all happened.

She did recognize me. Of course she spent almost a year with me. She was glad to get out of kitty jail. I can't keep her though. She just is not happy here and doesn't get along with the other cats at all. I do have a neighbor just a couple doors down that fell in love with Peaches and wants a persian. So I may talk to them. Henrietta is the same color as Peaches.
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Oh, of course, they need to have money to cover their expenses. And I remember that she didn't get along with the others, in your apartment, there isn't room to keep them all separate. But you must feel so good to have rescued her from kitty jail!
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Is Henrietta the same one in your signature? She is beautiful. Fingers crossed that your neighbour loves her enough to want to give her a loving home. This must have been so upsetting for you. Are you having to keep her in a separate room just now?
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Grrrrr! I can't believe that! I hope Henrietta finds the wonderful forever home she deserves.
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I just have a minute because I have to go in to work this morning for a few. She knows all the cats in my house. But the others are pretty much hiding. She always affects all the other cats in the house because she just doesn't get along with them and picks fights. They got much friendlier and more sociable after both Henrietta and Carmella got rehomed. Yes, Henri is one of the cats in my signature. There are two creams though. Peaches has white on her chest and a bit on her face. Henrietta is solid cream.
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All your cats are beautiful. Just as you thought it was all sorted, this happens, and you must feel that you are back at square one. Sending good vibes over that Henrietta will be in a forever home soon and also that your other cats will soon be back to peace. God Bless.
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I hope your able to find her a good home. It must have been so nerveracking to drive to that Petsmart. I definitely wouldn't give her back, but I would call and give the people a piece of my mind.
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Oh my, I would be furious. That poor furbaby. I wouldn't give her back to those people either.

Good luck finding Henrietta her forever home. Maybe you'll get lucky and your neighbor will take her.
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I would have been FURIOUS! I also would never let those people have her back in any way shape or form. I'd call them though and let them know that I had her back just to see what crap they came up with as to why they didn't go and see what happened to her. People who think pets are disposable drive me nuts! I'd like to slap them upside the head and reeducate them the correct way about how animals are living beings and deserve to be treated the same way we do...Poor Henrettia. I hope she's ok now.
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shoot, I would have shot them in the butt -.- (the butt is one of my favorite places to daydream that I've shot someone.)
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I can't believe anyone one do such a thing! Poor, sweet Henrietta. I'm so happy she's safe in your care now!
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Oh that poor baby. You know, those people couldn't have been looking for her. They don't deserve her. I'm glad you found her again. I know you'll find a wonderful furever home for her. She's such a beauty.
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That is always my worse fear when I adopt out a cat. I try to check up on the ones I can. I only have had to take one cat back, as she was in an insane household! I'm glad you went to check, and that the people gave her back to you and weren't suspicious that you were just looking for a free cat!

Good luck placing her again
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OMG That sure would freak me out .
Why could those peole not talk to you to let you know she is lost or they want to get rid of her
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Whenever my family adopted a new cat, the former owners always checked back with us several times during the first few months to make sure everything was going well, and the cat was in a good home. I want to suggest that you do the same thing after you place Henrettia in her next new home.
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I was pretty darn angry when I found out it was Henrietta. Thank God my friend saw her and recognized her.

Hissy, they weren't suspicious I just wanted a free cat because I had to pay the adoption fee to the Humane society anyway! I offered and it's the least I can do since they had to take care of her.

This neighbor a couple doors down looks promising. They want to spend some time with her first. Which is fine with me. They live in the same building my condo is in so that would be very convenient. And they already said if they decide to take her, they'll more then pay what I had to pay the humane society/petsmart. They don't have any other pets either. And they know she needs to be an only child.
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I hope it works out with the neighbors - that would be a great "solution", as you'll be able to visit her.
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That seems a bit more promising.
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Originally Posted by jcat
I hope it works out with the neighbors - that would be a great "solution", as you'll be able to visit her.
Yeah! In fact all I'd have to do is walk out my door to the left a few feet and I'd probably see her in the window! Their condo is on the bottom level and on my way to taking the trash out!
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I am sorry that you had to go through that! Everything will turn out ok!!

I always try to keep in touch with Mittens' old family. I send them pics and I write them atleast 2-3 months if I can. I still even ask Camilla questions about him...hehe!
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that poor baby! give her lots of hugs for me.. she must have been so scared to be alone without anybody she knows around her. Let's hope that your neighbour will give her a promising home..
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Oh How horrible for the poor girl. I really hope it works out with the neighbours! She must have been so scared in Petsmart. Do the other cats still recognise her?
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