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? about male female relations

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I have a male cat (neutered with claws) that is 3 years old and a new female kitten that is 3 months old.

The problem is this: the male cat gets on top of the female...almost in a mating position....Then the male will bite the female on the nape of the neck to the point where the female lets out a painful yelp or scream. The male doesnt release its grip until i go in the room and break it up. Not that i let it go for any amount of time...Sometimes i am just farther away from their location.

My parents have a pair of cats (1 male and 1 female) that do the same thing. But we got these two when they were kittens, but not the same litter. They are the same age, so i know its not a cat and kitten social problem, but more of a male female problem.

I am scared to leave my kitten alone with the adult cat. I followed all the steps people recommend on this forum. Can someone please help me????
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What he is doing is asserting his dominance. He is the alpha cat and is showing the kitten her place. If the kitten was a male, he would most likely have done the same thing. Something to try is a Comfort Zone plug-in. This helps to create harmony and friendship among cats. You can read about it here.
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I was going to make a post about this because I am having the same problem with Felix. I have one male and three females but he is only doing this to his sister Buttons, who up until now has been the Alpha cat. He is also biting her bum. I have never seen Feliway in the UK, but I will phone around this afternoon and see if I can find somewhere that stocks it.
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Cilla, try here.
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Tania thank you so much for that. I have found the telephone number of the manufacturers in England, so they should either be able to send me some or provide with addresses where they are stocked in my end of the country. That is such a relief.
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