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Kitty diarreah

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undefined My 4 year old cat had a tapeworm about 6 monts ago. He was treated with droncit which he was allergic to, but came out fine. He still has very runny poo with blood in it. It also smells really bad. He has been tested for various diseases, including several parasites such as giardia, etc. My question is that my vet called tonight & said he has come up negative for everything. He also said that we may need to use a dewormer for roundworms or hook worms, but wouldn't that have shown up in the fecal test??? I have changed his diet & there was no change in the stools. The vet also suggested that we may need to take a biopsy of his bowel. Has anyone ever had this problem before?
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Aidan, it often takes several rounds of worming meds to completely eliminate worms. There are different types of worming meds so you can ask your vet for a different kind and see how the cat goes with that.

If the diahorreah is due to a problem with irritation or poor digestion in the bowel or stomach, you can purchase cat food that is especially designed for sensitive stomachs. Try giving your cat a little canned pumpkin as that can sometimes help to firm up the stools. Something else you can try is adding about 1/4 of the powder from an opened acidophollus capsule to his food.
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Thanks for the advice
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It takes 3 fecal fecal tests in a row with negative results to officially declare an animal "parastie free". That is why your vet may still be thinking about roundworms and hookworms.
The biopsy of your cats bowel would help your vet to diagnose other problems that may cause diarrhea. These might be lymphoma (very serious) or Inflammatory Bowel Disease (very manageable). Other things to consider are food allergies. Talk to your vet about the special hypoallergenic diets available for cats
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