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introducing...Spooky, Garfield, & Eclipse

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Hi everyone! It's been a few weeks since my last posting, when my sweet precious Furball passed away. About a week and a half after he passed away, I had a dream that I believe was Furball telling me to save other kitties. So I went to the local animal shelter (just to look and visit for a bit), went home, and my husband and I went back out there together. We adopted 3 adolescents. They were taken to the shelter as babies and got to be old enough they needed to be moved to a different room to make way for the new babies. The 3 of them are between 7-9 months. They are the best of friends, they play together, they groom each other, they snuggle together, they give each other kisses. It's adorable. Garfield and Spooky are the males, Eclipse is the female. Their pictures can be viewed at http://community.webshots.com/user/loverly7100. Just click on Garfield, Spooky, & Eclipse and their pictures should come up. How sad that they have never had a home or a family of their own, but they have one now! Hope everyone likes their pictures!
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Hey, Welcome Back Loverly Your kitties are beautiful! I especially like Furball! Thanks for sharing! and congrats on adopting some new babies.
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Dear loverly7,
Hey! I checked out your pics at the link you provided. I had to laugh at Garfield using the Bible for a pillow. I know you're supposed to 'stand' on the promises, but I didn't know you could 'sleep' on them as well.

They are beautiful cats. I'm glad the family was kept together!

Best wishes,
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Congratulations on your 3 new babies. It looks like they have well and truly made themselves at home.
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I am so happy for you that you have now got a new family. They look so settled in as if they have been there forever. Beautiful kitties and bless you for keeping them together.
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What beautiful kitties! How wonderful that you were able to take all three into your home and hearts.
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Congratulations on your new additions! Beautiful babies! My favorite is also the one of all of them enjoying their window perch! They must really love eachother! How wonderful of you to keep them together!
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Congratulations on your three new kittens, they're so adorable!!!!!
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They're all gorgeous, congrats on your new arrivals
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Congrats! They are all gorgeous!
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aww it's good to see a family
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Can you believe they aren't even related to one another? They are all from separate litters, but they were all taken to the shelter as babies. So they have been together most of their lives. There were six total kitties in their adolescent room in the same situation. I had a heck of a time convincing my hubby that three would be good, he only wanted two. I would have loved to take all six, but I would have never been able to convince hubby! So many sweethearts in shelters...it just breaks my heart.
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They are gorgeous- and glad you decided to give these babies a home- they look so happy together.
Love the window picture
I'm sure it will take a long time to get over Furball (if ever) but hope they help
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Wonderful pictures...was especially going to post my favorite picture as the three of them sitting at the window..but I see I am not alone with that thought. I am sorry to hear bout your Furball.

On a side note (lighter note) HOW MANY COUCHES DO YOU GUYS HAVE!?!?
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