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Night Terrors?

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Hi i am the lady that took in the cat that was found in the bonfire and safed from it .. the kitten is doing GREAT.. we have renamed her Shadow since she was named cali something i can't remember i am sorry( it means fire in spanish i think ) .. she was 3 weeks old and i have had her since the 5th so shes about 3.5 weeks .. if i sit her in the litter box she will go all by herself .. although i also wet her butt to make sure afterwards .. sorry i am just soooo proud of her

My big question is .. does anyone else have cats that had tromitizing ( and of course i cant spell so forgive me ) times ? Do they have nightmares??

Shadow will be sleeping and then she will start kicking and wake up freaking out .. she will be all wide eyed and her heart going thousand miles a minute .. and will usually start meowing like she is terrified. Tonight she did that but woke up eyes wide mouth open and gasped for air twice like she had been scared silly . As soon as i pet her and cuddle her and tell her its okay she will stop and look at me and slowly drift off again . I feel so bad for her when she does that its like she has a nightmare that wakes her up

Has anyone else had this happen?
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I would look into getting her a snugglekittie, you can find them in our Shop Section on the website. I would also burn a nightlight for her at night, as well as play really low on endless play classical music at night. It can be set really low because their hearing is so keen, you may not be able to hear it, but they will.
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Actually she sleeps with us at night .. usually curled up against my chest .. and in the day time she wants up with me to sleep and will sleep in a "pouch "type pocket i made in an old shirt .. she sleeps very soundly in it .. if she isn't cuddling with me then she is cuddling Kevin ( my fiance ) or the dog and some times the bunny.. i think she likes the warmth and the heart beat .. but she still has these night terrors .. not all the time i think she has had about 4-5 since she has been with us at different times and places

I know i am spoiling her .. but all of our cats sleep with us at night ..Luna and Delilah sleep between my legs and Pumpkin usually sleeps by Kevins hip or on my back or by my hip .. and Shadow has been sleeping above my head since i sleep low in the bed so my feet hang off or against Kevins back or right against my chest. Our dog sleeps by the bed on a doggie bed i made out of our old couches cushions and a comforter ( he used to sleep in bed with us but he got to big and started dreaming in his sleep and kicking Kevin *lol* ) If we get any more animals we will have to get a bigger bed Of course i wouldn't mind they keep me warm at night .. and i am totally getting off subject so i had better just stop here
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You are one brave lady! I have one kitten who sleeps in bed with us and I wake up in a panic in the middle of the night. I worry that I will squish (spl?) the little guy, he sleeps so dead to the world. My hubby on the other hand just kinda scoops and folds the kitty around an arm or a leg.
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YUp our kitten does those i am asleep and there is no waking me ups too *lol* she will fall to sleep and get in the weirdest most uncomfortable looking positions .. and i am like what are you doing you crazy nut .. but i let her be so she can get her s
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Yes, nightmares are common in kittens that have endured trauma. Remeber, she has only been in this world a few weeks and most of that time has been traumatic for her. You're doing the right thing comforting her. As she grows up a little, the nightmares will fade.
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Also, you sound like you've got the hand-rearing thing down but just in case, you can go to www.kitten-rescue.com to get all the informaton you need.
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You are so kind taking this tiny kittie in, I love the name Shadow. I would still get a snuggle toy for her. Good Luck and I look forward to hearing more about her.
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Kumbulu~~ Thank you .. i was really hoping some one would tell me that the nightmares would fade .. she woke up while i was reading your post by jerking and hissed once and then looked around and when she saw she was okay she calmed right down .. i just wish there was a way to totally make the nightmares stop .. i guess i am a softy *G*

Also thanks for the site .. i think another lady gave it to me too ... and several glop recipes .. although i have just been using kitten formula and a little canned kitten food to feed right now ... i have been watching the canned food though and trying to get her to slowly change over if she is wanting to so her tummy doesn't get upset ... and she doesn't always want any but thats no big deal because even if she does eat some canned food she still gets her formula.

Cilla~~ I actually sat a teddy bear in our bed at the top where she usually sleeps and this morning she was cuddled between it and my hand sound asleep ... but when i got up of course she came a running all ready for potty time and breakfast ... she did not wake me up the whole 5 hours i was asleep .. usually she will nuzzle or mew at me and i will wake up ... Sampson our dog actually woke me up whining softly to go outside to use the potty. I can sleep through Sampson and Kevins Snoring ,but i can't sleep through soft whining and mewing .. i think i am overly sensitive to those type things .. some times it makes it hard to get
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qtkitty, it's hard work being a Mom. Aaw I could just imagine your baby sleeping with the teddy.
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i will have to take the camera to bed one night so i can take a pic of it .. with out waking her .. i let her sleep in this morning .. i try not to wake her up when i can because she needs ber beauty sleep *lol*

Right now she is curled up under my blanket on top of my feet so i dare not move *lol* .. she just ate and actually got into the litter box and went pee pee by herself so she is being a VERY good little girl ... she even found her own way off the bed .. without hurting herself .. i have bags of old clothes that need to go either in the trash or a yeard sale .. and i piled them by the bed so she could get up and down incase she needed potty so she would not take the leap .. which is atleast 3-4 ft down since we have a platform bed .. and i would hate to have a kitty with a broken leg .. cause i would feel like
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Awww, what a little trooper. You are doing a great job!
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thank you
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