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Cat violently attacks ankels when I go over

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My neighbor went out of town this week, and left me his key to feed his cat while him and his wife were away for the week.

I went over to feed her on day one, everything was fine, cat was at the door ready to see me and meowed and a fed her, no problems.

The next day, same thing, I had went into the bathroom to feed her, filled up the dish, and was on my walking out, when BAM, she just goes crazy and tears into my leg, clawing, bitting, hissing. At first, I thought I might have stepped on her or something, but I did not, after she let go, she followed me around making a very strange meow, almost like a cry. She drew blood and cut me up pretty bad with her claws, I put some neosporin on them...

I went over yesterday to feed that cat again, she hissed at me for just a moment when we went in the bathroom at my feet, fed her, went home.

Went back over today, and I didn't even get into the bathroom before she attacked my other leg, I yelled at her, and she let go, and made that wierd meow cry thing. I had her follow me into the other room, and shut her in while I put out her food and water. This time I put out ALOT of food and water because I am not sure I am going back there.
They get back on Saturday.

This cat has drawn blood from me from both legs, any ideas on what could be going on with it? I grew up with cats, and I have never seen anything like it.

The owner told me on the phone that she was violent to one other person once, but is usually very lovey.

Any thoughts?
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Sounds like she is stressed and missing her owner. Next time you talk to him ask him what the last article of clothing he wore before his trip that might not have been washed. Hopefully it will just be a shirt Ask him where it is, and when you find it, throw it out in the middle of the floor to comfort kitty.

I would also take a toy on the end of a string and trail in behind me when I was in the house to misdirect the aggressiveness of this cat. You can also spray the bottom of your pants leg and shoe with lemon scented air freshener before you go over there.

If you are charging this neighbor tell him you deserve more for battle pay!
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Lol hissy!
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