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I hope this link works it is astounding

The World Mourns
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Oh my gosh. That was incredible. Just when I think I can't possible feel anything else, something comes a long and touches me.

thank you for posting that.
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It works.
That was absolutely beautiful and heartwrenching!

I'm speechless.
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Such profound pictures
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I wonder why they left out Israel and chose to show only Palestinians in East Jerusalem?

There was a special concert held in Tel Aviv tonight where tens of thousands joined in a moment of prayer for the US. And Israel was the first country to declare a day of national mourning...

I hope this doesn't sound petty. The page is inspiring and it hurts to be left out like this.
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I showed hubby - we just sat here and cried. We kept thinking "oh, this is the last one" but it just went on and on. I can't believe some of the places either. wow.
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It seems that that was a consolidation of a thread that was started somewhere, so it is possible that noone had pics from Israel.
Trust me though, from a discussion I had in the office the other day, I know that your countries mourning over our loss, indeed the worlds loss, has been noticed and is very much appreciated.

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Yesterday they showed Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall and other parts of Isreal where vigils were going on. I don't think that it was an intentional slight, they might have hundreds more (and probably do) of these photos and simply ran out of room on the Net. Mike thinks that a 40 billion ransom should be put on Bin ladum's head and he says he would bet bottom dollar the first person to nail the s-o-b would be an Isralie I know I spelled that wrong
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what a great idea Mike has!
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I am sure once the papers get everything from tonight, they will be out there as well.
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That besides Americans who perished in the attack, there were other nationalities besides. The last list I saw had Japan, Sweden, Mexico, Norway, Belgium, UK, among others and that is only the ones they know about. There are so many lost and unaccounted for, I know the list will grow and grow before this is over. My heart just bleeds, like this photo I was sent, I am overwhelmed with grief
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Hissy, you're right. I heard that the more than 100 British citizens are presumed dead... We know about 5 dead Israelis and about a dozen or so are still missing
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O ooh, I couldn't see the page.

This is the error message :

It has been so popular this month that it exceeded its free monthly traffic allotment. Access to this Web site will be restored on the first of next month.
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I saw the pictures late last night.

The pictures are absolutely incredible. It's so nice to see people all over the world comming together! :
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Anne I did see those in Isreal mourning over the US Attacks...we know your Country recognized us that day and it was all so sad that ...

I've been sitting here looking at these pictures...bawling my eyes out because there truly is so much love and from what those #!%%##*%##$##%'s did they kicked the world in the teeth...they slapped us all in the face; they did the unimaginable to the whole world that day.

God forgive me for saying this, but, it wouldn't hurt me to know such evil like that was extinguished from the face of earth and their souls engulfed in the fires of hell for eternity.

God Bless Everyone

Love & Peace
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Hissy, Thank you for posting that! I saw most of the pictures, but a few of them wouldn't load for me, but what I saw was truley heart warming.
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For what its worth...there is tremendous support in my little part of Canada for The US. Everyone I know has been glued to the TV since Tuesday and many, many tears have been shed. Many of my friends are waiting to see if they will be needed should the US military need the assistance of the Canadian forces. They all say the same thing...we would be proud to support America in this. Our hearts go out to you all.
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Such moving pictures..... I know that in London there is a huge mound of flowers that is constantly being added to - the sweet smell is overpowering!!
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The street in front of the US Embassy in our capital is covered with flowers and candles. We also grieve with you!
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I wonder what the nuts are thinking if they can see all this international "gathering of the clans". Have they realized that they have grossly miscalculated the results of their actions?? Instead of isolating the USA they have made the Towers the touchstone for everyone. Rather than weakening the West they have made us even stronger. Even the "rogue" states are recognizing that and are backing away from the lunatics. But we must be real vigilant with our politicians so that they don't screw it up with their own petty squabbling. Also beware of the hate mongers and those who would use this to increase their personal power and wealth...sadly they are already poking their heads up...and people are listening to them.
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I found this picture on a site and thought it was beautiful. It sums up the feelings of how I feel about this terrible assault on all those innocent lives.
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That IS beautiful! Thank you for sharing it!
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