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Itchy? Back/Hindquarters Causing Anxiety

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A couple of weeks ago I started to notice something bothering my 4 year old male cat. His coat starts twitching... he licks furiously and runs frantically as if to outrun whatever is irritating him (as if there was something invisible biting his back half). It's gotten progressively worse... it's making him quite anxious. The area of concern to him would be his 'hips' and lower back.

I've checked his fur... he has a beautiful coat, I can't see anything. He's an indoor cat and we have no fleas here (SE British Columbia).

I'm concerned that at trip to the vet will be wasted because it's not happening all the time. Any ideas? Anyone seen this before?
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Please take this cat to the vet. Tell the vet you have concerns for feline hyperesthesia, Please take the cat in, don't think of it as a wasted visit.
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I agree, a vet visit would not be a waste of time. Weather it's feline hyperesthesia, an allergy, or psycogenic, the cause needs to be determined. Generally things like this get progressivly worse.
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Thank you so much for your feedback ... I have just researched everything I could find on feline hyperesthesia. Those symptoms certainly are noted... except for the stress. Hartley is the least stressed, most loved, friendly, well-adjusted cat I have ever known.

He is my 'baby'. I will take him to the vet promptly.

I am wondering if I should take another look at his diet? I feed him Iams. He goes wild for grass - I've been bringing in 'pinches' from outside which he devours. I wonder if maybe too much grass could be bad for him? Maybe I need to start making his food? Thoughts on this?

Thanks again for your replies.
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Plant some cat grass for him. You can buy a starter set at any good pet supply store or order it over the internet.
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