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Feeling kind of bad about the stray I found...

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Well Ive decided 3 cats is plenty for me. And thankfully, it worked out well. I was having a hard time with the stray, it really doesnt like my other cats. Maybe given more time it may have adjusted, but I was just feeling stressed about the extra work involved with integrating another cat.

I called another Humane Society last night and they said a very similar cat (Siamese mix) was lost in my town, but 3 days after I found this one. And theirs was a boy. The vet I brought the stray to said it was a girl. So, no match. I went home and looked at his/her little behind again and thought maybe it might be a boy afterall. Im not a real expert on it, but there was definitely something there that reminded me more of my neutered boys than my spayed girl

So I called them again today. They gave me the contact info for the woman so I could get more details. I called her and she had very little info to give me. Said it was her teenaged daughters cat so she would send her over to my place with pictures (my request since I was sketchy about the whole thing). They are only about 1 block away.

About 20 minutes later 2 young women came by with pictures of a kitten. Oh well. She described his feet as white pawed, which is right. Correct colored eyes too. I guess most Siamese mixes will probably be similar, but if they were willing to lie to get him that would be too much work for me to deal with So I just let it slide.

I had bought him a break-away safety collar, which they did not want. Fine. Then she went on about how he usually stays in their yard and how they felt someone took him on purpose. This cat is front de-clawed and they let it roam!!! They also had said they dont use a collar for him, nor is he chipped. Geez.

So I gave them the receipt I had gotten for his vet check and shots, just as a record. It was $75, which I was not going to ask for. I figured if they volunteered I might accept it, but didnt say a peep. They left and I was very polite. DD said goodbye to the kitty.

A few minutes later, they called me from the phone I had called them. I guess they had caller ID. It was the 16 year old who said she was getting a job in about a week and that she would pay me back the $75. I really didnt know what to say. I could definitely use it. But then again, I feel guilty accepting it. So I just kind of tried to blow it off as no big deal. I said that was ok and that I was just glad they found him. Apparently she didnt quite get it and sounded down about it and said it would be in payments, to which I again didnt know how to respond. I said ok, but not to worry about it.

Would you accept it if you kind of needed it but would live without it?
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Yes I would accept it, whether you need it or not. I suspect this 16 year old girls mother is trying to teach the girl a lesson in responsibility, gratitude, and ethics. If she's calling you about paying you back then, I would gracefully accept it and make sure I communicated my thanks.
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Absolutely. Monica's got it exactly right.
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Let her pay you back, if you still don't really want it you can either spend it on your kitties or donate it.
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I accept here payment. Who knows that cat may end up at your house again. It sound like they don't know the proper way to raise a cat.
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I'd say accept it, because otherwise the girl may develop a guilty conscience about it. Maybe she'll become a bit more responsible regarding her cat, too.
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Another vote for accepting the payments. It may give her more respect for her cat. Maybe you can also use the time when she brings you her payment to befriend her and teach her proper treatment for her cat??


PS...My mom's neighbor had a declawed Siamese that she let wander her back yard on a rope like a dog. That cat won more fights than Mom's cat who had her claws!
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I'd take it and donate it to an animal shelter if you don't need the money. And maybe if you tell her that it's going to a shelter, it might raise her awareness about them & get her interested in helping strays.
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I agree!
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