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Well I would say on the overall picture, they are better off with us even if some don't go as far as they should with it. I mean they at least have warmth and food etc. My cat used to be a stray and now that I know him I can't imagine him being uncomfortable, for 5 minutes! I would rather he lived with someone who at least gave him a home than out on the streets again.

I agree with many here's point that not enough pet owners think of the reality of the costs and responsiblity. That is one thing that makes me hesistate to get two (and the room...) When I was a young girl though...I didn't think of such things. If a kitten was cute, i wanted it. I adopted a cat as a college student and was an ok owner, but not great. I just fed him and didn't take him to the vet (of course he wasn't sick much but still...I doubt I would have cause I ddn't have the money) I also left him more than I should have (he ran away) Things I would NEVER do now, nor even WANT TO.

I have been lucky that of the 4 cats in my life, all have been pretty healthy. So I have never been faced with those vet bills. All 3 that have past died of nature causes. But It must be hard otherwise.
Like I have a friend whose cat got sick literally right when she was going into labor with her first child. So they weren't able to put much attention on it, told the vet to do what they could. $800 dollars later the cat died at the vets anyways. They were so broke but are responsible people and paid it. It hurt, they were poor and with a new baby! But yes, we have to consider that can happen. I love my present cat so much I would do what I had to do always. But I know it's hard.