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Articles needed

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The breed section on TCS is pretty lean for articles about breed specific cats. If anyone would like to contribute an article on any subject directly related to specific breeds, would you please let me know? It's about time to bring new articles into that section.

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MA, do you need one on Himilayans, and if so, what info would you like to have in it?
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I would love to contribute with an article on the Norwegian Forest Cat. I have found a very good article, just need to ask permission to use it.
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We would rather the articles be in your own hand, as we don't wish to stomp on copyright issues. Anything pertaining to the breeds will be considered. Grooming tips for Persians (boy I need that right now! ) Specific care, health issues, special playtime tips? Anything and everything will be considered.
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Sounds good, may take me a couple of days though.......would you prefer that they were e-mailed to you, or PM'd through the forum?
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OK, I will use my own words, but it will take a few days (more like a week)
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ooooooh......ooooooh, can I do one on the Munchkins
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Please DO!
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