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today is my day off and i had just finished doing all the dishes (meaning spring cleaning-like amount of dishes) when I sliced the side of my hand on a broken glass. Now I'm sitting here with gauze and tape around my hand hoping it will stop bleeding anytime soon. I can't get stitches cause it's like a circle of open flesh rather than a cut. (sorry if I grossed anyone out)

It doesn't hurt at all, I'm more p!$$ed off at myself than sore. How could I be so stupid?? Now I'm probably going to have to take a few days off work and wait for it to heal before I can go back and wash bottoms.

Darn, and I was in a good cleaning mode too!
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oh no Tamme! Hope it heals soon! Just make sure you don't get infection in it....that would be awful! Good luck to ya!
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I have a wonderful system for laundry. The marvellous laundromat a block away has a wash and fold service. I take in a huge bag of dirty laundry, and a day later, its all done for me. I figured out the cost, and for 40 pounds, it cost $5.00 more than doing it myself. I say my time is worth way more than $5.00 for what would have been 3 or 4 hours work.[/quote]

I do the same with my laundry...my time is worth more than anything to me! And best yet, my laundry service picks up and delivers! I've never seen laundry folded so well...a piece of art I tell ya!
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I just got home from school. BORING! Now I'm bored. I might go walk the dogs sometime tonight and clean my room, definitly.

I hope everyones having a great day!
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