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I have a couple questions for the experts here. We trapped 5 kittens that were living in our back yard. Mama didn't want anything to do with the trap, but she'll continue to come around for the food. We'll keep trying until we get her.

4 of the 5 are boys (we think), the other is a tortie and we had a more difficult time trapping her. We finally got her this morning. She's in her own cage, separate from the boys, but I feel we need to put her with them. She's totally freaked out, crying, trying to get out, and the boys are meowing at her too.

We've worked with ferals for a while, but I wonder if she'll ever calm down. The boys will be fine, I'm sure. They are already acclimated to the new environment. Any suggestions on what to do to get her to calm down? Also any suggestions on how to get mama? I think she's onto the trap and won't go inside. Any special food that works better? I tried a bit of tuna this morning, but she wasn't interested. I think she's missing her babies.

One more thing, is it normal for a 2 month old male to have the hornies? Oneof the boys is trying to 'mate' with the others and goes through all the motions (literally). Once he's fixed, I'm sure it won't be a problem, but he's so young to get that way isn't he?

Any replies can go to e-mail if you want.
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I would put them together, separating them is just adding to the stress they are under. True they can mate with her, but if she isn't in heat it won't take, and if she does get pregnant, just get her spayed as inbreeding causes a lot of problems genetically.
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Since they are all only 2 months old, there isn't a danger of pregnancy. I know for a fact they were born about a week before Easter, early April, so they aren't mature enough to mate yet. Thank goodness!
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I think she needs to be with her brothers. At two months, they should be OK with dry kitten food. The extra protein wouldn't hurt mom cat either. If you're worried about her eating, I guess just keep offering her "smelly" food, whether it's canned cat food or tuna.

Also, for tips on trapping mom, there are some great links to very helpful information in this thread: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/showthread.php?t=16045

If you have any more questions, please just ask!
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For catching momma cat...try kippered herring. I haven't had a cat yet who could resist this smelly fish!

Good luck!
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and also a hissy trick- put cat litter in the trap- not near the trigger, but close to it
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We put the tortie with her brothers and she is so much calmer. She cuddles with one of them, and she's visibly less nervous. She's still the skittish one though. I can touch a couple of them, and I know the boys will come around pretty quickly. She will be more of a challenge.

Mama is still hanging around, thankfully. She won't go in the trap, but I'll take the suggestion on the herring and see what happens. She can't resist forever. I can see that she has a clubbed foot, probably a birth defect because the hook nail is on top of the foot instead of to the side, but there is no sign of any injury. I think she was born with an extra toe or something. None of the babies have the same problem. She goes to the vet as soon as I can catch her. She's not totally feral, will come within 3 feet, but you can't touch her. I'm sure she'll freak out when she's trapped.
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They do freak out when trapped! And you should put an old blanket you don't care about on your car seat if that's how you're transporting kitty to the vet. They do someties pee or vomit from the experience of being in the trap in the car.

Also, cover the trap with a sheet or blanket or something. That will help calm them A LOT. Just make sure there's air movement in the trap. We always open the car windows - that seems to help too.
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Thank you soo much for caring about this mom and her babies. Good luck with your trapping.

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We trapped mama last night. She was difficult but she came looking for her babies last night and was hungry enough that she went in the trap. She's at the vet being tended to. We think she has a birth defect affecting her left front leg. It doesn't seem to bother her, but it looks like a clubbed foot. I asked the vet to look at it because I think the hook nail (whatever they call that one on the side) is starting to grow into the foot. The toe is on the top instead of the side. He may have to surgically alter it to keep the nail from imbedding into her foot, but otherswise, she seems fine.
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Wow...congrats on trapping her. Thank you soo much for taking her to the vet. Now she can live without having to have litter after litter after litter.

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Wow. That's so good!
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