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Kitty Depression?

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3 weeks ago I took my cat (5 year old Persian) Princess Jazzmin to the vet to have her teeth cleaned. She becomes vicious when she goes and I feel very bad. Well, there was so complications (I think) with the procedure, because she ended up having 3 teeth pulled. For almost 2 weeks, I had a tough time getting her to eat and play, etc. I kept bringing her back to the vet thinking that she has an infection, but the blood work (and even took an x-ray) all came back perfect. In addition, I also had her shaved because she gets to hot in the summer....so I was thinking maybe she is depressed or something. The other behavior she exhibits is that when she does eat, she gulps it down as if it were her last meal....then pukes it up. Last night we were home from work, played with her for an hour. I fed her and we went to the soccer game. Came home and puke everywhere...and not to be graffic, but it was still kernally....like she inhaled it and puked it right out. It has been a very expensive 3 weeks and I still don't have my "normal" princess. Can anyone shed some light? Also, for years she has gotten a teaspoon of soft food in her crystal dish in the morning........it was like her big treat to start the day. Now, she looks at it and walks away. The only thing she likes to eat are kitty treats and the new food from the vet that she loves.
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broncowenz...so your cat is only puking up her food?? My cat did that...I came home from vacation and found her "morsels" all over the place. I took her to the vet and they put her on a sensitive stomache formula which she has had no issues with. I know you have taken your cat to the vet for the depression...have you talked to your vet about the throwing up?? It may be that she needs to be on a different food now that she has had 3 teeth pulled...perhaps her mouth still hurts so instead of breaking up the pieces...she is simply swollowing them whole?? (that is really a question because I do not know). Anyways...there are many people on this site and I'm sure some will be able to provide you with suggestions. Keep checking back.

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Some cats are just gulpers. I would feed her only moist food, maybe even chicken and turkey baby food for awhile, with the absence of her teeth she can't handle the dry anymore to process it so she can chew it down. Put her on the soft diet, elevate her food plate and see if that helps. Put her food on a flat plate but again elevate it on a phone book is good. You can also nuke it a few seconds to wake up her taste buds
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Thank you for the advice on the food. I will try it. I am curious....any idea why she wouldn't like the old favorites? They are all soft.....tuna, fancy feast, etc? and it isn't yucky for them to soften the hard food. I think of when cheerios get soggy how they are gross.
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Hi there

We use Whiskas dry food for our girl and was told to change her diet from all fish to mix. She didn't really like the turkey smell of the new food so we wet some of her dry food. Yuck! The smell was awful but she seemed to love it, ate it all up in one sitting.
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Hate to sound like a dork, but do you just slightly moist it...or make it kind of soupy?
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