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Ways to Help

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I'm not in a position to do much in person for the people in NY, DC or PA, but I have received several notices in my email about organizations that are trying to help. I thought I would post some of them here, in case anyone else is able to do more than I can. If you have a favorite group or charity, please add to the list.








http://www.aspca.org/ {they have a disaster relief fund, I didn't know that}


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Just in case you are still trying to find someone:

National "I'm Okay" Message Center
Individuals can post their name and location to inform friends and family that they are safe.

Taken from this page at another one of my favorite sites:

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Sunlion, Thank you so very much for posting those sites for us!!!! We all need to help, if we can...I am going to try to find a place near me to give blood to be sent to them.
Thanks again!!
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Just a bump because I referred a friend to this post and I want her to find it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
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