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"Yesterdays News" Cat Litter

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I have been advised by the vet to use this for a few weeks until Miikka's paws heal up.

I have a few questions on how it works.
I usually clean Miikka's box once a day with the clumping and completely change all the litter in her box once every 2 weeks with the clumping.

With this yesterdays news stuff... I know it doesnt clump... Does this mean I have to throw away all the litter on a daily basis when I clean the box???
I am confused.. That is going to be VERY expensive.

I have considered switching over to this brand completely because it is dust free. It seems that there is litter dust and pebbles everywhere in my house. But I dont know if it is the economically sound solution for my wallet.

I really want to find an alternative to the clumping because it is so dusty and gets EVERYWHERE.

Hopefully someone can shed some light on what I should do.
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I believe you are just supposed to scoop out the poo daily and clean the whole shebang every week (or as needed).
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So then the #1's will just be absorbed?
The poops would be cleaned out daily regardless, but yea I was wondering what happened to the #1's and how often I would have to dump all the litter. Doesnt it become quite a mess with #1's after a whole week.. LOL
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I had 2 adult male cats with one extra large litter box filled with Yesterday's News...and I probably dumped it all out and refilled it, on avergae, once a month.

The newspaper is very absorbant and soaks up the urine. If, like my boys, your kitty tends to pee in one particular area of the box, it's easier to scoop out most of the saturated litter, and just "stir" the box to mix things up. I also would top it off a little bit every now and again between total dumps & refills.

I love the dust free ness of yesterday's news My cat Fluff stopped liking it though, so I'm back to dusty clumping litter

Oh, and you will find bits of yesterday's news around the room the litter box is in.... I'm not sure how, as it doesn't stick to feet.... but it still travels

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Thanks for the advice maggie!
I will be giving it a try this afternoon... Well not me but Miikka!
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