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need help placing purebred Persian-crosspost

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I'm looking for help placing my blue & white bicolor purebred persian, Mr. Bellew. He is a 6 yr old male, neutered and declawed (front), and indoor only. I am located in Shaker Heights, Ohio. He would be happy as a clam in a home where he was the only cat with no children, but he is not happy with our expanding family and is taking it our on our other cats. He has been with us since he was 6 weeks old.
Here is a little more information about him:
Personality: I’m pretty inactive, but I like to chase the "fishing pole"
I can do tricks for treats – I stand, sit, lay down, roll over
I do not jump or climb since I’m pretty lazy. I will not walk on your countertops, kitchen tables, or coffee tables.
I’m very snuggly once I get to know you, and want all of your attention. I also love to sleep with people.
Fears: Other pets, children, thunderstorms, anything sudden or loud
Bathing: Ivory dish detergent (I am allergic to fruity shampoos)
Care needed: I need brushing and grooming as hair grows out. I am usually a long-haired cat (floor length), but have recently been groomed and cut short. I also need my eyes wiped, my ears cleaned, and I spit up occasional hairballs.

Contact her at: jbtapp@metaullics.com

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Good News:

We've had quite a few inquiries, but ALL of them stood us up for their
appointments. Yesterday evening, finally, an older woman named Eleanor
came by to vist, and she took him home with her! She had originally
inquired about him on the first day we ran our ad in the paper, and has
called periodically throughout the week trying to make her decision. I
felt really comfortable with everything b/c I know she really thought
it out, and she seemed really thrilled with him! I really hope it works
out b/c he will be king of his own home and have this older women
doting on him. He usually shies away from strangers and it just seemed
meant-to-be. She walked through the door and he was rubbing against her
legs and purring! Thanks so much for everything!
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Yeah for him and yeah for her!
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