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Dog Poisonings

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It's not cats, but it's another example of what some people are capable of, who dislike or hate animals.
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This type of thing totally disgusts me. And it seems to happen everywhere: cities, suburban neighborhoods, rural regions. I live in a rural area outside of a major city, and we've had a "cat murderer" at work for several years. So many cats have died or been severely injured by gunshot wounds. Hedi (Purrfect Catlove) has had trouble with poisonings down in Georgia. Where do these idiots get off at?
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Best Friends did an article on poisonings in Greece. It really is sad what people are capable of doing to a dog or cat.

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As opposed to sheep and chickens?

The suspected motive behind the poisonings is almost ironic.
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As opposed to sheep and chickens?
The Best Friends' article wasn't about sheep or chickens...

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One irony is that someone is killing animals for killing animals.

Wolves are natural predators, but then again, so are raptors, cats, fish, bears, snakes, etc..., etc...

When you look around for information on the "pro poisoning" folks, it always goes back to the same jerks crying about their property rights and about their right to trap and kill however they please. Some of these guys complain that wolves cut into their ability to trap as a business.

That has to be the biggest irony: a non-native predator poisoning a native predator. And while they're at it, killing some domestic pets along the way.

Someone like that is thinking about themselves, and that's it. That's where society breaks down.
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My point was that what humans are capable to doing to a lamb or bird is much more sad, considering society's standards. I think it's what's done that's important, not the taxonomic classification of the victim.


Many pay for others to do this and receive no condemnation for it. Better than poisoning? You decide.

(Funny thing is that many Korean "pet" dogs are poisoned, then their corpses are collected to sell as dog meat. Yummy. I actually knew someone who this happened to >.< I wonder if everyone would be ok with it if the dogs had been turned into stew...)

Edit: Yes, that's the irony I was talking about in my first post. Someone trying to kill wolves for killing animals that the wolves would have killed otherwise, and ending up poisoning animals that would likely have cleaned up the byproducts of the animals that the wolves were poisoned to protect. There's something almost amusing about that. Almost...
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