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cat chat and crying

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I have a female cat who is 14 yrs old. She is nuetered since 1 year and recently has starting to cry at night. There is another cat in the area and she seems to get on well with HIM . This is ongoing fro 3 months I orignally thought it was in heat but 3 months .Any suggestions P,S . it starts every nighy at 4 a.m???????

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I would take her into the vet if it were me. She could also just be getting senile or needing a night light at night to find her way? She could be developing cataracts, and just want to find you at night and not be able to do so. But a vet visit at her age would be a good idea.
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This happened with one of my older cats...like yours, it was always around 4:00 that he would begin to yowl. Once we plugged in a night-light to help him find his way up the stairs, the yowling stopped.

However, in another elderly cat of mine (18 years old), she started yowling a couple of months before she was diagnosed with renal failure, so we think the yowling was her way of dealing with the illness/pain. Interestingly, she yowled only at night -- I don't know why.

So, I'd follow Hissy's advice. Take your cat the the vet for a check-up and then plug-in a night light and see whether that helps.

Good luck and keep us posted on how it is going.
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