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Thank you Debby and Colby!

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Two of our moderators in the cat lounge are leaving their duty today! Those are Colby (aka Airprincess) and Debby.

Both Debby and Colby have been on tcs from the very first year, Debby being one of our first members on this site! They have been on the mod squad for more than 3 years now and currently they are busy with life to continue moderating this now busier than ever forum. Colby and Debby have both contributed so much to this community - I am in great debt to you both!

So, this is a tribute thread to both of you wonderful ladies! It's not a goodbye thread by no means! On the contrary! Wear your veteran medal with pride and post post post!
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Thanks for everything you've both done for the site! You guys both helped show me the ropes when I was the New Mod on the Block, and I have very much enjoyed working with you, and hope to do so again in the future!

See you both around here often I hope!!!!!
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Thank you Debby and Airprincess you are both wonderful people and please stick around
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Both of you will be so missed! I hope to see you around the website still when time is permitting. Thanks for doing such a great job for the community! Hope to see both of you on the team again in the near future.
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Thanks Debby and Airprincess for everything I hope that you both are able to find the time to stop in from time to time You will be missed
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Thanks Colby and Debby for everything that you have contributed around here! Don't leave us for good though! We love you both!
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Thank you! You're both going to be staying on as members, aren't you? I truly hope so.
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I'm so sorry to see you guys step down!! You've been wonderful mods and I truly hope that you will still drop by when you get the chance.

Best of luck to both of you! The boards will not be the same unless you come back often and tell us what you are up to!

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Job well done to the both of you! You both will be missed, but I do hope that you do stop by for an occasional chitchat!

Thanks so much for all that you do!
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Thank you so much for all that you have done!
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Thank you both for everything you have done for the site and its members. Hope to see you both around.
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thanks everybody!

with such a great group of folks here, moderating was a pleasure!
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I haven't been here in a while but wanted to wish you both the best.

You did a great job here.
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Awwww, we'll miss you Debby and Colby as mods but please pop in when you can.
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We will miss seeing you in your mod roles, Debby and Colby. Thank you for all of the years you've dedicated to TCS! So glad you will still be visiting as often as your current hectic schedule will permit and hope to one day see you resume your duties if and when your busy life allows!
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Debby & Airprincess,

Thanks to both of you! The best of luck and I hope to see you around!
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We're going to miss Debby and Colby on the Mod Squad! You guys are great!

Debby, between exams you'd better get yourself over here to visit!

And, Colby....when you're not off partying with rock-stars, you'd better drop in and let us know what's going on!
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You guys did a splendid job! This is no means goodbye though. Stick around!

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Thanks everyone! It wasn't really my decision to give up the mods job, but I totally respect Anne in wanting mods who could be here more often than I have been able to be lately. I hope to have more time online very soon.
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Debby and Air Princess thank you for all the help and guidance in your moderating roles. Love your new badges.
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Wishing you two the best of luck. I hope we still see you around!
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