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Sam making a funny sound

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I was just trying to brush Sam. I use a zoom groom, which collects gobs of hair, and he is shedding his undercoat now that the warm weather is here. So he's a big mess. And hates being groomed. Usually, I sit on the top stair, with him lying on the landing, and I bribe him with treats. He growls and hisses, but won't run away as long as the treats last.

Today, I was trying to get in some swipes with the brush while he was walking around. And I heard a funny sound. Then realized it was coming from him. He was purring. While I was brushing. And he would stop purring every so often to meow and try and grab my hand with his mouth (he doesn't bit down, its just playing, but a bit rough), and then continue purring.

I think this is progress.
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Sounds great! Zoey meows all the time WHILE she's purring so it makes the cutest purry meows ever
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That is my Loki and I also have to follow him a round with Zoom Groom - he won't sit still long enough to be brushed, but all the while he is purring and making squeeky, chirpy sounds. Oh my aching back!
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That's Bailey, I have to follow her around, but she loves it. Sam hates it, that's why the purring was such a shock.
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oh yeah, that sounds great! Sasha loves to be brushed all day if he could, he tries to grab the brush and do it himself!
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Jamie likes the Zoom Groom, too, but will only consent to short sessions. We keep a couple of them around (one per floor), so that we can catch him when he's in the mood to be brushed. Oddly enough, he'll sit still for a half hour or so to be combed.
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My chubby cat Grizzly likes to try to do somersaults when I brush her. I like doing it outside so all the cat hair can blow away!! Birds like it for their nests
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Tara goes into ecstasy when I brush her. She wriggles and writhes and purrs her pretty little head off.
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I too tend to brush my cats outside just so I don't have to worry about the hair getting everywhere. Yogi loves it however Remi likes it when she is in the mood to be brushed. If she's not...I don't even try!!!
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Sierra has never enjoyed being brushed, she would always get irritated or run away. Now she loves it! I started giving her a pinch of her favorite treat~bonito flakes~while I brush her. I scatter them about so it takes her a while to get them all! We brush 2-3 times a day and she looks forward to it!
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