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Holistic Alternatives???

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Hi everyone

My cat, Midnight, died recently, and I told her story in Midnight Went to Rainbow Bridge. I am trying to use my experience with her to learn and improve.

Snowball is 10 years old, and I am concerned that he may also develop serious problems in a few years. I have heard that some vets use holistic alternatives to treat animals. I may consider this method for Snowball if the need arises in the future.

I would appreciate hearing from others who have had experience with this.

Thanks in advance!!!!
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In my experience it depends on the health issue. I have used many treatments alone and I also know that some of the treatments are best used in conjunction with standard medical treatment.
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There is a wonderful woman on another cat forum on which I am a moderator who has treated her cats holistically for several years. She started after her cats were exposed to the very fatal FIP. After two cats died, she began using holistic treatments which seemed to save the lives of her other two cats! Despite testing positive for FIP, both are very healthy and have lived for 2 years beyond the deaths of the others. I'll pop over to the other forum and see if I can't find some web sites for you.
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Try these links for information.

Academy of Veterina Homeopathy

American Assoc. of Veterinary Acupuncture

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Assoc.
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