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Well we have a couple of days left in the office before we are due to fly to Nice and then drive to Monaco in southern France. Carol is totally going loopy - she has now more dresses than I can throw a stick at and each one I have sat and patiently watched as she looked, discarded, then came back to the original one some hours later. Upon completion of this, we then endure another day of shoes, that have to match this, that and the other. Then a bag!!! My patience has at times worn thinner than my credit card but shes happy I guess.
I have three suits to take with me - talk about rediculous - gimme jeans and a t shirt any day but its that kind of trip as well so have to wear em.
For the night do where we are going to the private collection of cars by some chap called Prince Rainer (understand he is high up?), Carol has a stunning gold dress. Gold shoes to compliment this as well.
Well I figured that she needs a necklace to finish it - so you know the bit on pretty woman where he takes her to the opera and lets her wear a necklace valued at lord knows what, well I figured I would do the same. Not that amount of money, however, as carol has an open neck dress, on Sunday, I spent more on my credit card than I have ever done and brought her a necklace that is 24 carrat gold. Then on the end of this, I have a solid diamond hanging there. Its not massive, but it finishes things for her.
She was crying the whole 46 miles home for some reason and kept looking at this thing in the box that I had had prepared for her. Why do you women go loopy over a bit of glass? I will be just happy on the flight and then getting back in one piece and getting to see our son again after 4 days away.
I have us booked into an airport hotel late Sunday night so its gonna be a long drive to stanstead.
Oh well, heres to a good flight, safe return, some champagne and raising a glass to you all for the best of health (Specially Adrienne )
and thanks for some great companionship. Kev
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Sounds as though you are in for a lovely time. How wonderful you are to your wife - thoughtful and understanding. Enjoy the food, Prince Rainier's cars, gambling and all that wonderful stuff.

Have a safe and fabulous trip.
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Kev -- have a total blast! You deserve it.
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Aww how sweet..Most guys balk at hearing that I detest diamonds (I will wear them only if they're enclosing a different stone) my personal faves are Opal (fairly inexpensive.. my engagement ring was 1/6th of Jason's salary, rather than a whole 3 months of it)
and Alexandrite, which I get simulated only.. however they are rather expensive.. But between the two I prefer the opal, and oddly they never break on me.

At Any rate, it sounds like a lovely trip, have fun and remember to tell her how lovely she looks in those dresses!!
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Glad you're having such a wonderful time, Kev! That was so sweet what you did for your wife. Enjoy the rest of your trip!
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Have a great time Kev, you deserve it.
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Have a wonderful trip!
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