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The Standoff: Stripes vs. Spots

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For as long as there have been stripes and spots there has been dispute amongst the animals which is better, strong, faster, more useful...the tiger vs. the cheetah, the zebra vs. the horse, the cow versus the uhh... umm...something else with stripes.

This battle continued this morning when we returned home from our morning walk to my daughter's bus stop and Frodo took his own sweet time coming in the door. Pookie took advantage of the situation and hid behind the wall, waiting.

I caught the 15 minute long standoff in 10 photos for your viewing pleasure, but to save bandwidth on the site, I've uploaded them to my own server for all to see.

Disclaimer: No animals were injured in the making of this photo gallery

The Standoff
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that was so cute!!!! all the captions were hilarious
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haha that is too funny. you have a cute host of babies, diana
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That was wonderful how you did that! Just loved it!
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<elvis>Thank you...thankyouvurrymuuuuuuch</elvis>

I was lucky to have caught it all on camera, I think. They are just too funny But I have to tell you that Pookie got him since I posted this!

He has this really rude habit of stealing Frodo's sleeping spot. He goes to wherever Frodo is sleeping, snuggles up to him, purrs loudly, and grooms him lovingly. It's all an act, but Frodo falls for it EVERY TIME. He turns up his belly and his neck to be groomed and purrs right along with Pookie. People are always commenting on how sweet it is. "Just wait," I always say. "It's not what it appears!"

And every dang time, that mean ol' Pookie Monster waits for the right time and then BITES poor Frodo on the neck! Frodo wrestles him for a minute and then jumps away from his sleeping spot...only for Pookie to lie down in it and contentedly fall asleep.

Well, he did it just after I posted the link, and Frodo got up and moved to the bed, where I uncovered his other bed (he sleeps in it next to me at night) and he curled up in there. Just as he shut his eyes and I was going back to my desk, that mean spotty guy jumped out of Frodo's former sleeping spot which he'd just stole and pounced on the poor guy again and now...well...here ya go:

Frodo get stuck on the hard dressertop...

...while Pookie sleep sweetly in the comfy cat bed.

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DiMa... thanks for the laugh, I really needed that. are they brothers?
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After the little "bed incident" it just got worse!! You gotta see this. My boys are such a great source of entertainment! Hehe

Oh...and no, they're not brothers. They are about 4 months apart in age, but they ACT like brothers!

The Standoff, Part II
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That was so funny!, but the best ones of all were the "loving" pics
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
That was so funny!, but the best ones of all were the "loving" pics
Yeah...but they don't last very long, eh? They love each other, but it soooooooo much more fun to attack than to snuggle, I think. At least Pookie thinks so! They are a constant source of entertainment around here. Who needs cable when you've got cats?
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LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
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