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How to get rid of fleas ?

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I've noticed that a couple of the strays in my backyard have "crawling fur" - I can see the little fleas (actually they're some of the biggest that I've EVER seen) jumping off them.

Is there a product that I can place in the cat food or spray around the bushes (that is environment-friendly) to help these guys out ? I can only trap and take them to the vet one at a time - I'm afraid that when they get released (after being de-flea'd etc.) their "little friends" will just take harbor once again.

I grew up with dogs and have never even had a cat as a pet - that's why cats and their care are completely new to me.
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You can go biological www.marchbiological.com but if you can get close enough to drop advantage on these cats, that would be best. All those fleas are making those cats extremely anemic and sick. Not to mention opening them up for tapeworm invasion
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Putting brewers yeast in their food will help but not cure the problem. Cats seem to love the taste of brewers yeast, so getting them to eat it shouldn't be a problem. Also, there is a pretty flowering weed called fleabane. If you don't mind some pretty weeds in your yard, it will help cut down on the number of fleas hanging around in the yard. Pennyroyal (I think that is how you spell it) is an herb that you can sprinkle around where the cats stay to help chase away the fleas.

Good luck!
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I use these for Prego and the other ferals here

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Big Bad Wolf..do you happen to know if these ferals are fixed?? If not...it may be worth it to trap them and take them to be fixed while you deal with their flea condition.

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My guys are eating up that Brewer's yeast. Let's see if it has any effect on their "guests."

The kitty litter works ! - unfortunately one of the cats sprung the trap early and the others haven't been around since (2 days now). The noise must have scared them.

There is one cat that might be fixed but I'm not sure. I've seen him spray the fence a few times but one of his ears looks like it's had a "V" shaped section taken out of the tip. Has he been neutered ?
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A V shape may be from a fight....typically the left ear is cut straight across when a feral has been fixed. I would still take him to the vet if you did trap him.

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