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clingy new mom

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My cat just had kittens yesterday and the only way to keep her calm and her stay with her kittens is for me to stay by her side. I cant let her have access in and out of my office because then the two dogs & the two male cats will have access. What can I do to be able to get things done around here.Ten other animals are waiting for me to take care of them too.
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Hey petrich..just wanted to welcome you to the site. The cat "mother" experts will probably see this later and respond...so keep checking back.

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I would suspect she is a young cat, this is her first litter and she is a bit overwhelmed? Are the kitties able to nurse on her or is she rejecting the whole litter once you leave? You can clear out the bottom of a closet and put her and the kitties inside on some really nice soft bedding, put a baby gate up vertical in the closet doorway so she can't get out. But try and keep an eye on her to be sure she is properly caring for her babies. If she isn't, it will be up to you to hand-raise them.
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Take some of your clothes that contain your smell (work out in them first if necessary) and leave them as bedding when you need to leave her. It may calm her to keep your smell close by.
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petrich, it may be neccessary to shut the door and have her stay in the room with her kittens. Put her food and litter box in there, keeping them as far fom each other as possible, as cats don't like to eat near where they eliminate. Visit with her a few times a day but you must basically leave her alone with the kittens to bond with them.
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