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Need help

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Hello, my family has 4 cats that we of course love very much, but we have a serious problem which is jeopardizing their future. It goes like this, my parents have run into some extreme financial problems and are having to move out of their house immediately, none of the apartments they can find will allow pets. Well with their low income and bad credit, they finally found a place to live so they wont be out on the street, but they cannot have pets. Neither me nor my sister can have pets where we live so what are we supposed to do with our 4 cats. We can't just leave them behind, we need to find a home for them....are there any places in the Atlanta area that can help our cats find a home without putting them to sleep. I do not want to see them abandoned or killed but options seem slim. If only people would allow pets in more places we wouldnt have this problem. Another note is our cats are not updated on all their shots and vaccinations, they are indoor cats. To get this done on all 4 cats so some agency will take them could cost a pretty penny on an already financially stricken family, are their any options for people like us? Best case scenerio is that we can give them to loving families thru an add or soemthing, but if this doesnt work then i am out of ideas.
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I'm very sorry to hear of your family's difficult situation.

I'll move this to Cats SOS forum. Hopefully someone will know of an agency that can help you...
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Welcome to TCS!

I'm so sorry this is happening to you. May I suggest that you post this question under the Cats SOS forum, also? That forum is dedicated to cats in need of homes or other assistance.

Here's a web link to information from the Humane Society about finding housing with pets, if that's any help to you: http://www.hsus.org/ace/12463
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dcochran..so sorry to read about your situation. I would highly suggest you contact the best friends network and see if they have any suggestions.

Best Friends Network at (435) 644-2001 ext 123, or e-mail them at bfnetwork@bestfriends.org

email is the best way to reach them. Please be aware that they get MANY requests for assistance so patience is appreciated.

While you are waiting for a response.there is a terrific PDF you can download from here:


It's called "how to find homes for homeless pets"

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just a suggestion, maybe you, your sister and your parents can ask
the people where you and your sister live, and where your parents
will be living, if it is possible to bring them, keep them with you, just
temporarily until you find a home for them. My landlord and landlady
did not want me (in a previous apt I lived in) to have any cats much
less 2 cats ! But they liked me and agreed to it. They felt much better
about it when I told them that they are strickly inside cats and that
I was a nut about keep the apt clean and free of odor. I told them that
I constantly cleaned the litter box and that they could rest assured that
there would be no smells. That made them feel much better about letting
me bring my cats who were able to live with me until they passed away
of old age.
Just because there are rules about animals, doesn't mean that the
people who own what you live in won't make an exception to this rule.
Also, when I first moved out from the city to the burbs, I lived in an
apt complex. There were no pets allowed. But, I noticed that lots of
people there had cats (saw them in the windows) and dogs ! I asked
someone that lived there about it and they said, oh yeah, no pets allowed,
but as long as you don't wave it in their face, they don't care and they
don't check. We lived there for 3 years with no problems.
So you never know. Give it a try and ask and have your sister and parents
ask too.
I think I remember keeping a link to a site where you can find apts that
allow pets in any given state/area. I will try to find it and if I do I will
come back to post it here, or maybe someone else here knows what I am
talking about. Or try to do a web search for that.
I sure hope you don't have to give up these furbabys. Good Luck !
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Here is the link to the website about Pet Friendly apts.
you just have to put in the zip codes of the different areas you
want to live in. good luck.

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