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I have 2 coupons for IAMS kitten food I cannot use. They're good till 9/04. Unfortunately, I can't remember how much they are worth. The first person to PM me will receive them!

I'm not sure if coupons from the US will work in other countries, but you're welcome to try them!

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Awwww sandy i don't think they would accept them here in the UK

It's a pity because that's what Sophies on at the moment.
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no one wants Iam's kitten food coupons??
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Our little Bijou loves Iam's kitten food but we are in Canada and it may be too much trouble for you.
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If nobody wants them, you could mail them to the nearest shelter, or, if your vet sells Iams, send them there, with a note asking them to give them to anybody with a kitten. I get a German cat magazine that normally has coupons for all sorts of food JC doesn't eat. I buy the food and drop it off at the shelter, because I know they need all the donations they can get.
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What a terrific idea Tricia. There you go Sweets problem solved.
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That is a great idea, I would have never thought about that Did you know that there's actually people who sell cat food coupons on ebay! I saw it today in my search for Dori's food. If only they would all do what Tricia suggested....
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