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please help!

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Why would a mother cat move only 1 of 2 babies and leave the other behind? I have built a 4X4` cage in the garage and thought I`d let mom out for a bit(she had them on Friday) and she moved just one back behind a big wall unit and stayed there with it. The other was left in the cage. We finally got her and the baby out. There is only about a foot of room behind it and I was afraid if she left just that one back there, we wouldnt be able to get to it(the wall unit is 10` long.and weighs about 300 lbs.) Any thoughts as to why she would only take one with her?
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I really do not know, but I can guess...

Maybe she is a first time mother, and is a bit confused as to how to do things?
Maybe she intended to take both with her, but was interrupted or side tracked, got anxious confused?
Maybe there is something wrong with the kitten she left behind, nature's cruel way of taking care of things?

Can you block the entrance to the place behind the wall, so she won't try again?
Sorry, only questions, no real answers....
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She is a first time mom. The babies were born on Friday and she has left both alone quite a bit, but this was the first time she actually moved one.Earlier today I made her a smaller box and put it in the laundry room(just cut the front out of a cardboard box) and she has stayed with them all day.Iam wondering if the place she was in was too big and open, but now feels more secure in a smaller enclosed place. I had another one that had kittens a week ago, shes been in my closet with hers and has not left them much, and if she does, she just lays outside the door.Thanks for the suggestions!
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Kimi....it may be worth it to take the kittens to be checked over by a vet. Sometimes mom cats will leave a kitten behind when they sense something is wrong with it.

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