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New kitty lover here

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Hello all!

I wanted to introduce myself before I go on a posting frenzy! My name is Lisa, and I live in Michigan with my big 8-yr. old cat, Jack, and a new kitty that we just adopted, all of 11 weeks old, named Tom (original, I know, as my 5 1/2 yr. old named him).


Unfortunately, I lost my best kitty friend in the whole world almost two weeks ago suddenly. Floyd was my loyal feline companion for 13 years and died suddenly. The emergency clinic vet felt it was a heart condition and was chronic. It truly happened very quickly, so rather than let my friend die a painful death, I made the decision to have him PTS. Not a decision I took lightly and would have taken other avenues, had they presented themselves.

In any event, after Floyd's passing, I was devasted. I have been so fortunate to have not lost either people or pets for over 15 years, so this loss hit me especially hard. I cried uncontrollably for days, and only after there seemed to be no more tears could I think of life without him.

I went to a local Humane Society and looked at some kittens last week, and fell in love with an Abyssinian/Tabby mix, who ended up coming home with us. He's a beauty, and a real good little guy. We're dealing with a mild URI, so he's on Amoxil 2 X's daily for 10 days, and is also 'quarantined' from my other 8-yr. old kitty. I hope we can make it 7-10 days, as both cats are determined to meet!

Unless one owns cats, I don't think people can understand the depth of feeling you can have for these wonderful felines. They are my world, and I love them more than many people I know!

I hope to meet many of you, and what a great forum!

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Hello and welcome to our community!
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Welcome to the site Lisa! Tom is just adorable!! Love the pics of him.

I'm very sorry to hear of your loss of Floyd. He will always be with you in your heart, and watches over you from the Rainbow Bridge.
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What cute little kitten Tom is my congrats on the new baby

I am so sorry of your loss and my heart is going out to you
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Lisa...glad you made it over here. Waves to a fellow Petfinder person.

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Welcome to TCS.

He's a cutie.
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Welcome to our little family, and I sure hope you enjoy your stay here! If you need any kind of help getting around or anything, just click on my username and send me a PM or email, or find Caprice and do the same, one of us will be glad to help!
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Welcome to the site and congrats on your new kitten.

On a sadder note, I'm sorry for your loss. It's never easy to say good bye to a good friend.
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Lisa, Welcome to TCS! I loved the pics of Tom, especially the one with him "lounging"! Do you have any pics of Jack? I would love to see some of him! I am also sorry to hear the loss of your furry friend, Floyd. You can post your thought in "Crossing over the Bridge". Just go to the main menu of the forums, and you can find it from there! It does help to talk about it too As a Mentor, I am here to help you navigate the boards, so if I can be of any assistance to you (Or Cindy--KittenKrazy), please let us know! Have fun!
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Welcome to TCS!

What a cutie pie Tom is! Sorry to hear of your loss.
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Welcome to TCS! ....love the pics!
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Look forward to reading more about you.
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Welcome to TCS, Lisa, Jack and Tom! I'm so sorry about your loss of your precious best friend Floyd. We're here if you need to talk. I'm happy you've joined us!
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Nice to meet you! My name is Susie, and as my signature states, I'm the "mommy" to Trixie, Petals and Tigger. They are one of the biggest joys in my life and I don't know what I'd do without them and their unconditional love. It's so nice to meet and make friends who share in this wonderful feeling.
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