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the 2 boys are being horrible tonight

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Absolutely horrible! Poor Tigger..... they keep biting her on the front leg or attacking her & jumping on her! They just won't leave her alone We've had to put the 2 boys in the other bedroom to calm them down. Raging hormones, I guess? Scooter is due for his neuter in 2 months and I can't wait to take him in! Gizm is fixed, and he gets in his crazy moods every once in a while.... well, I exagerate...... every night or so it seems!
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Hi Tigger

I don't know alot about this, but I have two possible explanations for you.

Midnight and Snowball would sometimes hiss at each other and have mild behavior problems when I came home from work in the afternoons. It seemed to be one of the more exciting parts of their day.

Is it possible that the activity level in your home at night excites the cats and causes their behavior?

Second possibility:

When Snowball (the male) reached the age of six months, he would fight with Midnight (the female) every chance he got. Eventually, Snowball extablished himself as the dominent cat. After that he could force Midnight into submission by using his body language only (no fighting).

Maybe the same type of behavior is happening between the two male cats and Tigger.

Good luck
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I don't know what type of history your cats have, like how long they have been together. But I have 3 male cats, 1 older Rex, & 2 Siamese brothers 4 years old. The Rex simply dislikes the one Siamese, this has been ongoing since they have all been brought together, 4 years ago & things aren't looking like they are ever going to change.

I sure don't know how to stop it. My solution when they get rough (hair flying) is to use a squirt bottle on them. If you get them wet they usually, run off very fast, then will start licking themselves to dry.

Fortunately they mainly have minor tiffs. I love all my cats & they have to live together, because I'm not giving up one to make the other happy.
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