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dying kitten

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My kitten is about a month old and just last night the momma started ignoring it. She let it sleep alone and didn't feed it. I don't want him to die, but $85 for a vet visit isn't something I have right now. The other two are healthy and doing great. This is the runt and up until this morning he was doing splendid. I don't understand and have done multiple searches for what could be wrong with him. He doesn't wanna eat, he just kinda lays on the mom's stomach and he cries whenever he is touched or moved. I am giving him the milk, but he just spits it out and meows. I am at a loss. What to do what to do?!?!?
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Please check out this site http://www.kitten-rescue.com/ for excellent information about caring for abandoned kittens.

I will move your thread to the Health and Nutrition forum so that the health experts will be able to help.

I wish you luck with this poor baby.
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This baby needs a vet. Is there anyway that you can take the kitten in to be looked at and do payments? Without vet intervention it is quite possible this kitten will die.

Are you feeding it cow's milk? If so, please don't feed it cow's milk. It needs a special milk called KMR or even kitten glop. You can find the recipe on the website that lotsocats mentioned.

Mom is ignoring the kitten because she knows something is wrong healthwise. I urge you to please get it to a vet quickly!
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he passed away.....grrrrrrrrrrrrr

i was giving hiim kitten milk, but i wasn't home to take care of him. i had brought him into work and a g/f of mine was watching him for me at my house. she said he went to sleep and then she noticed he wasn't breathing. she had him in a warm towel. i had a feeling he wasn't gonna make it, but he was my fave. oh well. i still have the other two....that still leaves me with 7 cats.
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Oh no! I am so sorry that the kitten died. ((((hugs))))
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If it isn't possible to get this kitten to the vet, please take the baby and place it is a small cardboard box full of warm bedding. You can make rice/sock heaters (the website will tell you how) make sure the kitten stays warm and quiet. But with mom ignoring it, and the fact that you may not be able to get it to the vet, I don't hold out much hope for its survival. It is to young and the health is compromised.

You want to put the baby someplace warm and quiet out of drafts. Again, please try and get into the vet, most of them are very sympathetic about working out payment arrangements.

I just read you post, we must have been posting at the same time. I am sorry he lost the fight- but if he just passed he may not be dead, simply in a state of hypothermia- try stimulating him gently with a warmed towel (rubbing him) if he revives please get him to the vet.
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So sorry to see that the wee one passed on, at least now he's at the Rainbow Bridge happy and healthy and free of any pain........{{HUGS}} for you.
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I am so sorry of your loss

May this little baby RIP
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I am sorry you lost the little one. It is always hard to accept.
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