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Need to talk.

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My wife is at work, and I need to vent, so I figured this would be the best place for it. I was on my way home tonight from taking my wife to work and they were playing lots of requests on the radio and taking lots of calls. Then I passed a convoy of military vehicles on the highway. I think they were headed to the military base in Topeka (Kansas. I live just south of there). Anyway, after they had passed all of a sudden I just lost it. I started crying and I thought I would have to pull over b/c I couldn't see anything. I was crying for all the people that lost family members in the attacks (I know what it's like to lose family members). I was crying for the victims of the attacks. But the thing that set it off was seeing the military trucks. After what has happened this week, and seeing the American public pull together like they have, I can honestly say that I've never been more proud to be an American. I pray for all those lost, and those who have lost loved ones in the attacks. May God bless America and see us through this horrible tragedy. And thanks to all of the other countries that are supporting us through this. May God bless all of you also.

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I know exactly how you feel as I cry at the drop of a pin because I use to work around the corner, was in the first bombing, not sure of which friends still worked at the WTC and for the families and friends who don't know where their loved ones are. I also feel for all of the rescue workers and for the people who are trying to get their pets out of the apartments when they had to leave them behind. I cry like a baby and all my husband can do, is hold me as he to is from there and has friends that he knows he'll never see again. For this reason and for a few others, I can't wait to move back east. Have a good cry by yourself if necessary. I know I have been doing it some times. Gotta run, need to cry.

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Dan, I cried too...I cried a lot on the first day and then I cried when I read your posts and saw how you all pulled together in the face of this. My heart goes out to all of you and I really admire teh love you have for your country and the courage you've all shown
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Feelings are running the same here too. It's feels strange because all of a sudden I am seeing a number of military personnel out in public. (There is an Air Force base here in Tampa, but normally you don't see people around like I have). It chokes me up whenever I see them, partially as a reminder and partially as thoughts of what is to come.

As a native New Yorker, I have a large picture of Manhattan island over my bed, taken from the southern end. I get somber whenever I look at that skyline and think about how those towers simply don't exist anymore. The whole thing is very sobering.
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I know too how you are all feeling I am living so far away from NYC and I am waiting to hear news on a good friend who is a fire fighter and has not been heard of in a few days I am just frantic with worry and hope that he is alive and just fell asleep at the firehouse..heres hoping that is the case.....my thoughts go out the everyone in America and everyone who is missing a loved one....
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When I first saw the tragedy on TV, I was in a state of shock. When the towers started falling, I had such a feeling of loss come over me as if I could feel all the lives that were in there crying out. The most chilling thing was seeing the people jumping out the windows before they collapsed. Fox put a still photo of a woman as she was falling. That was so emotional.

I had visited New York when I was eight and went to the top of the Empire State Building. My little sister got away from my father and climbed up on the edge. My father grabbed her amd I was scared that she could have fallen. I thought about that as I watched this tragedy unfold.

I think it is better to cry and let out your emotions rather than keep them inside.
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I agree....sometimes we just have to cry and get it out....it isn't a sign of weakness by any means, it is a sign that a person has a heart.
I have cried several times over this, especially when I saw interveiws on TV with distraught family members who have no clue if their loved ones are alive or dead, or where they are at all, or if they will ever see them again. It is so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dear Dan:angel2::angel2:

Dan, it is a very horrific injustice what America has been put through and trust me, you are not alone. I too have been crying and it appears it has affected all of us that has posted so far the same way. I am nauseated at the thought of what is yet to come and crying is one of my only releases.

We should all be proud and also in mourning for those whose lives has been taken and the families that loved them...I can speak first hand as my cousins were in the North Tower, but by the Grace of God made it out. Unfortunately my friend did not.

Your feelings only show that you care and I am proud of anyone that can openly wear those feelings in light of this terrible attack.

Love & Peace,
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