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I will never forget the day my friend Mike called to tell me he had found a litter of orphaned kittens under his porch. He told me to bring my son over to see the cute little guys. I grabbed my son and my wife jumped in the car and headed over. Knocked on the door walked in and sat on the couch. Thats all it took, my life from that momment on would never be the same. When that little ball of orange and white fur hobbled over and curlded up on my foot and fell asleep. I picked you up, put you on my shoulder and that tiny little pur in my ear just mealted my heart for good. From then on you and I were best of friends. You put up with my son playing mother hen to you.
You curled up next to me and kept me warm when it was cold at night. You made me laugh when i was sad. You were a good friend to us "baby kitty" and I will always miss you.
Rosco was poisoned last week, we think it was intentional. We had to put to sleep two of our family friends in one week due to poisoning. It has devistated this famlly. I can not understand for the life of me how someone could have been so cruel. Rosco was the sweetest, most gentle and loveable little guy i have ever met. He chose me as a friend when he was such a little guy, his eyes weren't even open yet. We bottle fed him until he was old enough for solid food. He and my son were inseperable as well. I truely wish whomever did this could see what they have done. They have reduced a 35 year old man to tears and broken the heart of a 5 year old little boy. My wife has creid herself to sleep for a week now. He was more than a pet to us, Rosco was a family member and a best friend to all of us. Rosco died at 9 months old and in his 9 months he touched the heart of this family like no one has ever done.
Rosco "Baby Kitty" I miss you.
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I am sorry for your losses.

I hope you catch and prosecute whoever did this, as not only is this a threat to all pets in the neighborhood, it could be a threat to small children who will eat anything.
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Oh man...now you've reduced a 32 year old woman to tears, too

Whoever did this, know that it did not go unobserved. I'm a firm believer that God's instructions to humans to be the caretakers of his precious animals is something to be taken very seriously...and like cruelty to innocent and defenseless children, I do believe that God does not take kindly to humans who cause even the slightest suffering of his animal creatures. I know that's not much comfort to you now, but whoever did this will get his/hers in the end - I'm sure of it.

I'd report this to the SPCA and to the police. As Talon says, this is a threat to EVERYONE in your neighborhood. Also, I'd make flyers and pass them out to your neighbors to warn them to keep their pets inside and to contact the police and/or SPCA if they see anything/anyone suspicious. I would be willing to bet that this is someone's very screwed up teenage son who is desperately trying to have power in his seemingly powerless adolescent life. People like this need help.

Hugs from across the country to you and yours in your grief...
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Drew, I am so sorry for your loss. Rosco was a very special soul, who obviously touched the lives of the people who were lucky enough to love him. He's at the Rainbow Bridge, watching over his family.
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Drew, I am so sorry for the loss of Rosco. This must be so hard for your family, especially in that there is suspicion that it was intentional. My heart goes out to you and your family right now and my prayers are with you RIP sweet Rosco Rosco is with you, watching over you until you are reunited again. I am so sorry

I truly hope that the people who did this are found and prosecuted, so that other animals and families can be saved.
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RIP Rosco, although he was only with you for 9 short months please know that the love your family gave him made a world of difference to him. Rosco waits for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

I hope they find the person responsible.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Rosco's death. It's difficult enough to deal with a loss due to illness, old age or an accident, but a deliberate poisoning is just too cruel. My heart goes out to you all.
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Oh no! How can they????? Poor baby Rosco. So bad to kill him. But he know your love. Now he happy. In heven he see you. Some day you see him. Then happy with you again!
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Thank You Everyone for the comforting words. The police here are worthless. This has happened to other people in the area as well as car stereo thefts, peeping toms, vandals and everything else within the last 2 years and the police have done nothing. We have lived here 11 years and this area used to be a quiet little nieborhood full of retired couples. I haven't reported it to the police but i have reported it to the SPCA and the Vet's office 6 blocks away is aware of it incase any others Kitties come in with the same symtoms, and believe me the niebors know what happened I made sure of that. (they all probably think I'm nuts now) My wife Carrie and I have talked about it and we honestly think its time for us to move.
BTW...It will in no way be a replacement of my little friend Rosco but on a happier note my friend Mike Called me today and told me one of Rosco's sisters just had babies. The friend he gave Rosco's sister to is trying to find homes for them. I am truely hoping we will find a new friend for my son but I just don't know if I am ready to love another little guy like I did Rosco. I dont know if he was my kitty or I was his human but i dont think that type of relationship could ever be duplicated.

Thank You again Everyone,
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Drew I am so sorry about Baby Kitty. No-one can ever hurt this special baby again and nothing can take away the love you share.
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So very sorry to hear about Roscoe, I just lost my Patches last week also so I truly know how your family feels. My husband is 55 and he cried for Patches. I hope you will take one of Roscoes nieces or nephews (or two) because they will need a loving home and yours is a VERY loving home!
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God I am so sorry. I think people like that should go to prison for murder. How wonderful for Roscoe that he had you and your family to love him.

My husband cried last night as well, put to sleep our beautiful little girl who we adopted 5 months ago. My heart goes out to you, can't imagine how you must feel knowing someone did this intentionally. I hope the authorities can find out. So, so sorry.
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