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Hi everyone..........here i started this thread, and haven't been able the last few days to see what everyone had to say. I have some time here at work, so let go over what you all wrote since I last posted.........

Well, Pondwader, sounds like you have the same love for your furbabies as you do your human babies.......I have to say, love is love. There are different levels of love of course, and different ways of loving someone/something, but love means caring, wanting, needing, worrying. I, like so many of you, would run back into my burning house to save Trixie, Petals or Tiggy.........they are my "kids" and I would do anything I had to do to protect their lives and care for them until God calls them home.........

Subee, your feel like we always have. I always had dogs growing up, and they were as much a part of the family as anyone. Now that I have kitties, nothing has changed. They are our kids........now only if we could claim them on our taxes...........

Purrfectcatlove, you by all means love your son, but aren't you glad you don't have as many human children as you do your furbabies? All your "children" are very lucky to have you.....

Sherral46, don't feel that your a party pooper by saying that your human kids and grandkids are more loved than your cats.........I think all of us would pretty much chose saving the life over a human child over a furchild. I mean if we were faced with that choice.......like you could only save one, a child or your cat.............let's hope none of us ever ever ever have to be in a situation like that to save anyone!

Blondiecat, You and Ken should be proud to call your 5 kitties your kids.........they are beautiful!

Momofmany, you have 5 dogs and 7 cats........???? Wow, how do they all get along? What a beautiful family you much have, human or not! Sounds like what I'd love to do, but our home just isn't big enough.

HFrodoC, I think Frodo will give you very good experience when it comes time for your human children to start coming into you lives........all babies take love, patience, nuturing and caring......whether they be human or feline!

VWVixen, Muira is so gorgeous.......i have seen her pics. Between your two sons and your furbabies, your boyfriend should be VERY proud!

AmberTheBobcat, if you don't have the desire to have children, that's ok. I am the same way. I love my neices and nephews, friends kids, etc, but I love coming home to my kitties at night.............to each his own, right?

rapunzel47, you remind me so much of my life. My husband has a son from a previous marriage and he feels he was a rotten father, so he doesn't want more kids. That was fine with me, because I didn't either. But he beats up on himself, saying he wasn't the best father, that he should have done better. He is unjust with himself too. He loves our kittie kids as much as I do. Also, when I think about what they mean to me, I can choke up too!

Rosiemac, We think alot alike too. You said you knew before you married that human babies were'nt on your agenda. Us too.

Loubelia, of course you'll love your future human baby and your furbabies in different perspectives due to thier species.......but isn't it wonderful to know that the love that you give both will allow them to grow up happy, healthy and loved?

Dawnofsierra, Sierra is so very lucky to have you, as is all of our babies. You sound like such a devoted mommy. And don't worry about if the husband comes along.......if it's meant to be, it will, as with human babies........just relax and enjoy life! That's what I did, and BOOM, in strolled my sweetheart/hubby Jerry into my life...........

Pamela, I private messaged you last weekend. Don't worry about being 33 and not having romantic prospects.....as I was just telling Dawnsofsierra, when you least expect it, those things happen. I always hated it when people asked me when I was going to get married and have kids.........I think everyone knows now that children aren't a part of my future, (although if God blessed me unexpectedly with a pregnancy, I know I'd be a wonderful mom)
and that I'm very happy with my furbabies as my kids........I'm sure people call me the crazy cat lady too! Hey, I don't mind.......I guess in a way I am.
Doonesbury was very very lucky when he jumped out of his carrier! I'd be terrified in the same situation, but we do what we have to do to protect our little loves.................

Cilla, what you say about it's a personal choice to have human kids or not.....very very very true! Feel free to get on your "soap box" any time! haha

Lisalee, Sash is a lucky little kitty...have you ever thought of getting him a silbling playmate?

Ok.......you probably all have eye strain now........but I really appreciate all your replys.........I think we can all conclude that no matter what type of children we have in our lives, whether it be human or feline, there's nothing like the love you get from them..................isn't it a great feeling?


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Hmmm . . . well, I have one furbaby (Luna ) and no kids. From my perspective a major upside to having cats, not kids, is 1) no pregnancy, 2) no childbirth (the very idea scares the bejesus out of me), and 3) no diapers. But . . . then again, I'm also 20 years old and in college and working full time, so not wanting kids at the moment is a good thing, I guess.

In a few years, who knows? I DO know that I want to get married one day, though. I want someone to go travel with and have adventures with, etc. (Like I'm getting SCUBA certified right now so my boyfriend and I can go diving together.) That kind of stuff can be hard to do with kitties! I don't think Luna would enjoy going diving, given that she barely handles being bathed.

I guess I'm still "undecided" on the whole having kids thing.
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Furbabes all the way! No human kids in this household, though we have furry kids getting into all sort of mischief. The furry kind of kids are the only kind of kids we ever want.
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