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Need your input....human babies or furbabies

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Hi to all,
Just a quick question........Jerry and I were talking about how much we love our kitties. Now, we are both in our 40's with no children. He thought that probably most of the people that love thier animals like we do don't have any human babies, and that's why we put all of our paternal/maternal feelings in to them.
I think that's true to a point, but I have friends who have children that loves thier animals too. So, let me know....how many of you have human babies versus those that don't...........here I am with my Tiggy........

Don't forget to include your babies photos with your reply!

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My mother loves her kitties very much...but she doesn't love them like I love them. Or at least she doesn't want to admit it! I remember when her baby Peaches was a kitten and we went away for the weekend. When I returned home my mother called me with a sound in her voice like I've never heard before. She had gone back home and couldn't find Peaches. Finally she'd found her wedged behind her very large (7' tall by 12' wide) solid oak entertainment center. I rushed to her house and she'd taken a hammer and nearly destroyed this entertainment center which she LOVES and cost her several thousand dollars - simply trying to get to the kitty. She was hysterical. Now, this is a woman who's granddaughter was kidnapped and murdered and even when this happened, I did not see her like this! Seriously!

Now comes the weird part...I told her to move back, took out a drawer in this thing to get a good grip and LIFTED IT!! It took 4 guys to bring that sucker in and position it in my mother's house! But when a mama needs to do something, she does it The kitty nearly lost her eye and her neck was stiff for a long time, but she made a full recovery. Now my mother doesn't laugh at me so much when I treat my babies like kids

I have a 10 year old daughter and I love her more than anything in the world, no exceptions. But my furbabies are right up there. I can't really compare the love i feel for them with anything else, as it is unique and far too precious to compare. I have always had a cat and I think I have come to rely upon them for my peace of mind, my sanity and my tranquility.

I can hear the bell around Pookie's neck jingling right now as he runs from place to place and just that little tingle comforts me and I can't be lonely. When I feel like poo, there is always a furry friend to comfort me and cheer me up - they definitely know when they're most needed. When I lose one of them it tears me apart. I lost a child 11 years ago and the grief I feel, I must say, is not like the grief I felt when I lost my daughter, but it is the nearest thing to it that I've ever felt...including when my beloved grandfather died (I know, that sounds terrible, doesn't it?).

Some people have called me the crazy cat lady. They think I'm a little nuts when it comes to cats, and maybe I am...but it is the way I was made. If God didn't want me like this, he wouldn't have made me allergic to everything under the sun (INCLUDING the sun!)....everything except for cats My family has always joked with me that it doesn't matter if I'm in the middle of the Sahara, a cat will find me...and they do! I'm a cat magnet! I consider it one of the many gifts that God has given me, and I don't intend to waste it.
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No human children here, I am in my late 30's, hubby in his early 50's. But we do have 3 furbabies and 11 feathered children.
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I got goosepimples reading your post..........you put into words alot of what I feel..........Frodo and Pookie are so lucky to have a "mom" like you........
Don't forget to post some pics of your loved ones for all of us to see.....

Would love to see some pics of your furbabies if you can........do the cats and the birds get along?
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Hubby just got a new digital camera today, so pictures of the babies will be coming soon! (My last digital camera broke over a year ago)

The cats and birds get along for the most part. The big birds scare the bejesus out of the cats - especially when the birds start following the cats tails. The little birds are scared of the cats (for good reason!) and we must keep the door to the little birds room closed when we aren't at home, as the cats will sit and watch them eagerly for hours.

We actually have one of the three cats who could truly care less that birds are in his house, the second one finds it interesting at times, but nothing to write home about. The third one - well she covets the little birds, but for the most part knows she is not supposed to go near them.
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I think there is some truth to what you say. I don't have any kids and I am 24, my bf has a little boy who comes to stay with us but it isn't the same as it would be to have my own. He doesn't want any other kids, and we have been together almost 6 years, so I have come to accept that as best I can. Dori is my baby. I love her so much, she is my best friend and she is there for me in so many ways

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I have no natural children. I have 5 stepkids and fourteen step-grandkids- please don't ask me their ages! lol
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No kids, just cats.

I will say this, the dog that my parents had when we were in high school/college/out of the house was definitely treated differently than the dog we had when I was a child. Dutchess (childhood dog) was never neglected or mistreated in any way - she lived a very good life! But she was the dog. Felicia was spoiled rotten, and she got away with things that even my sister and I couldn't have gotten away with (like mouthing off to Dad!). I know Dad loved Dutchess a lot, but there was definitely a different relationship with Felicia.
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Furbabies all the way. I have no desire to have kids.
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I had a miscarriage last year and I thought my heart would break. But when my baby boy Dexter died on 28/05/04 it not only broke but shattered. When we talk about our cats we call them "the kids", I hate to go on vacation because I can't take them with me. I am a stay@home wife so I spend all day with them and have long conversations with them, they do understand as well...

Can you tell I am attached to them?
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Well, so far, we are mostly furbaby Mommy's.............I think our theory is right.

Let me tell you guys, I just got back from lunch, and I made the mistake of going to PetSmart for some Friskies..........well, the actual mistake was going over to the adoption center.............Oh Lord.....it was all I could do not to take them all................just makes me sick to see them without someone to cuddle them.............
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The Petsmart next door to me has the adoption program most weekend, I try not to even go inside on those days. Lately they have had kitty adoption days. I can't take one look at them or I just wanna cry when I get home. It's so sad to see them in their cages.
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Maybe I am the exception to the rule... my parents always had animals, cats, dogs, and they allowed my brothers and I to keep almost everything we brought home...lol... which was a lot. When I moved out I couldn't take any animals with me, they were mine, but they were family, and it wouldn't have been fair to take elderly cats and an elderly dog with me, besides, I found a house just a few blocks away to raise my own family in so I could still see them whenever I wanted. Within a few months of moving out on my own, married, pregnant, and had 3 rescue kitties. LOL. Later came a dog, eventually 3 two legged children, and still more kitties. I began raising siamese, and still love all of my furbabies just as much as I did before i had children, maybe more now, because now I worry about them the way I worry about my kids. My kids are getting older now, and I think I may be driving my husband crazy, because the old biological clock is bringing more four leggeds into the house, since I can't have any more babies of my own.
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I have two grown children and five grandchildren. We still have always felt the cats were members of the family. And now that we have four furbabies in the house they are more loved and more spoiled than ever!
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Well , I have a son and he just turn 16 years today As you can see in my siggi I also have cats and btw also dogs
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sorry to be a party popper,but my kids and grandchildern are loved more than my cats,don't get me wrong I also love my cats,but I would die for my family,not my ctas.
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I have one Daughter age 26 from my first marriage and 4 grandchildren, 9,7,3,2. I love them with all my heart. Now Ken and I have been married going on 2 years and I am uunable to have anymore children. I would like too but it is impossible due to surgeries. I have 5 furbabies that you can see in my siggy. They are mine and Ken's children.
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Cats and dogs, no kids here.

About 14 years ago, and shortly after we adopted our 5th dog (with 7 cats), my sister in law advised me that we needed to have children or we would never stop adopting pets. We didn't have the human children but our lives are filled with our furry kids. I give most of my energy to them.
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My cat Frodo is preparing my husband and I for kids. We are quite young and don't see children in our near future, but I do see kids in the distant future.
My husband has never had a pet before in his life. We started off with a gold fish and it grew on him. I've always had cats in my life as a child and when we finally moved into a place that accepted animals we got Frodo. It is so fun to see how Josh and Frodo get along. Josh will play with Frodo for hours, although I can't seem to get Josh to clean the litter box, he'll do anything else for Frodo. I see Frodo as a step for my husband towards having kids.
I knew we needed to start slowly .
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I have two children (both boys). My now live-in boyfriend has no children (only two cats). I just brought home my first kitten Miura yesterday. My bf seems happy enough with my two 1/2 grown kids and the cats....
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Originally Posted by sherral46
sorry to be a party popper,but my kids and grandchildern are loved more than my cats,don't get me wrong I also love my cats,but I would die for my family,not my ctas.
Hmmm, I love my cats so much, I would die to protect them, they are my kids. My wife has 3 children, but they are all grown up and live in New York. My wife can no longer have children and I never had nor will I ever have the desire to have kids. They are fine if they are someone elses kid, but not mine My furbabies all the way.
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There was a time when I wanted kids (human). The relationship in which to have them never materialized, because by the time the guy was in my life, he had already decided that the one son he had was all he was prepared to bring into the world (great son, but Rob was dissatisfied with himself as a father -- unjustly). So he took appropriate steps (snip, snip). As a result, I have one stepson, one nephew and a whole mess of nieces and great-nieces and -nephews.

My cats really are my kids. I love them so much I choke up just thinking about it, and I approach parenting cats as I believe I would have approached parenting human kids.

I think I would have loved them just as much if I had had human kids, because of the place that critters have always had in my life/emotions, but of course, that's not something I can ever know for sure.
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I knew before i married that i didn't want children and my husband was the same.

Dont get me wrong i could never harm a child, but i have more patience with cats.

And they are and always will be "my babies" and i would harm anyone who harmed them!
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I don't have any human babies yet, but my husband and I would like to have our first next year, hopefully (so maybe soon you'll be hearing pregnancy-parenting updates/questions...). Until then, our furbabies will be our babies, then when really baby comes along, I'll have two! My human baby and my fur-babbies. I will love them all, just in a different perspective for each species
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Sierra is my baby, my heart, my best friend and my life! I too would die for my sweet girl. I am 28 and have no human babies. I would like to have children if/when when my husband come into my life. At this time, Sierra is my family and can't imagine possibly loving anyone even one bit more than I love her.
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I don't have any human kids at this time and it isn't looking too good for me as of now! I am almost 33, have had no romantic prospects for at least 5 years or longer (guess I am too independent for guys out there?!) so as of now I HIGHLY doubt I will have any human kids. I DO not want to start having kids after age 35 or so due to various reasons so I don't have much time left to have kids in!

I have mixed feelings about that. Some days, I feel about not having a family or kids BUT BUT at other times I feel about not having any kids. (I think that is strongly influenced by how I feel that day-if I'm WIPED out, etc and it also depends on the kids I see around me! IE- spoilted brats makes me GLAD I don't have kids but with CUTE babies and good kids, I wish I have kids! My family (parents/siblings/neices/nephews) aren't helping either cuz whenever I talk to them online, they ALWAYS ask if I am dating anyone and ask when I would give them grandkids/cousins to spoil! Sometimes the fact that I'm not married and have kids while everyone else in my family ARE married and have kids makes me feel like I am a big failure. (Rationally, I know that's not true but sometimes emotionally I feel that way!) They call me the crazy cat lady now!

I will do ANYTHING for my 4 furbabies. If my apt building was on fire, I'm sure I would go in and die to save my babies. I don't mean to sound so dramatic but that's how strongly I feel about my furbabies. I DID risk my life at one time to try to save one of my furbabies in my teens. My mom and I were taking Doonesbury (RB cat) to the vet when the carrier popped open so Doonesbury leapt out of the carrier and ran across a BUSY road. I was screaming my head off and running after him to try to grab him before he'd be hit by a car. I know for a fact that 2 cars swerved to avoid hitting me and one vet technican who saw the whole thing happening said he saw one guy literally standing on his brakes to make his truck stop and not hit me-luckily no one crashed into each other! (I remember the speed limit on that road was 40 MPH so it was a miracle that my actions didn't cause any car accidents!) LUCKILY, my mom was able to corner and grab him so we brought him home safely and he lived to be 17 years old!

My furbabies (present, past and future) have CARVED a HUGE place in my heart that cannot ever be removed or replaced..
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Pamela, I do not think you are crazy for not wanting children and don't let anyone in your family pressure you. I remember when I was younger, I always felt that I never wanted children. I don't know if that is a common feeling with all us men out in the world or not I used to talk with my mom about it and she would always say, "it is different when they are your kids". I thought about that for a long time and realized, that was not very good advice. For, if I would have had children, they may have not been loved like they should have been. I think too many people have kids when they get married, just because they have been told that is the thing you do. Unfortunately, this may lead to a lot of broken marriages and families. You are no "crazy cat lady" because if you are, then my wife and I are the crazy cat man and woman with our 7 domestics and our crazy bobcat, who by the way, is like having a 2 year old running around here constantly
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I think it a personal choice whether to have children or not, just as much as it is to have furbabes or not. If you know you do not want children, you are wise to have that knowledge. I was desparate for children. Thing is you never stop being a mother I love both furbabes and children. I could not live without children or without furbabes. I have heard a lot of young people say they don't want to ever have children, and they are told they are selfish, which I think is a ridiculous statement. I think if you know what you want you have to go and get it/do it. If you have to choose between children and furbabes go with your heart. I've come off my soap stand now.
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I've never wanted children. I'm in my mid 30's and never regretted my decision. Sash is my child, my baby. I could never imagine loving anyone more. I decided long ago I would live out my life with animals and not children.

Lisa & Sash
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I always remember an old neighbour of mine asking if my husband and i wanted children. When i said no she said " But thats selfish, who's going to look after you when your old?".

Not one for sitting on the fence, i said it was her that was being selfish if that's all she was having kids for!!.
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