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Help with pyoderma/sebbhorea??

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That's just my amateur diagnosis after reading the article on skin disorders, so feel free to correct me. I know it'll be easier once I post pics. I'll try to do that this evening.

Romeo's coat is dull, brittle and his neck and shoulders are covered in scaly, scabby skin and thin or no hair. I haven't fully combed him but I suspect I'll find fleas/nits so maybe it's an allergic reaction to the fleas? Because of the scales we didn't do any Advantage yet. He's on Clavamox and Tresaderm right now, and aside from scratching at his ears to try and get the mites he doesn't seem to be itching too badly. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make him more comfortable and possibly clearing his skin faster? I have flakes, scabs and fluff all over my bathroom at the moment and I feel really bad for him!!
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Axl had symptoms like this, one of my relatives was looking after him whilst we were on holiday. We got back after two weeks to find most of the fur on his legs and head missing and scabby scaly skin (and no vet visit )

I have no idea what the official diagnosis was but it came down to him being irritated by fleas and flea meds (he was on frontline or advantage from the vet). He was (and still is) given Ovarid by the vet (sp?) and after his skin flare went down he was okay to start back on the flea meds (fom the vet).

Take him to the vet to be sure, if it is the same thing don't panic six months supply of tablets costs about £15 ($27) so I guess. Axl's dosage has been reduced every vet visit, he's now on 1/4 tablet every four days, the vet is hopeful that eventually he'll be able to manage on 1/4 tablet a week.

Hope the poor boy is feeling better soon
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Thanks Rhian!

Romeo will be back to the vet in a week or two, after the first round of antibiotics take effect. he's a sweet boy that's just been on his own too long, you can read about how I got him here. Once his skin is on the mend, we'll neuter him and start flea preventative. I'm kinda worried that I could pass the fleas to Bella, who so far has been flea-free, but with me traipsing in and out of Romeo's quarantine to try and give them equal time. . .

Bella also has to go back to get her gums stitched so I'll ask about a flea preventative for her as well.
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Thanks also Hissy! you must have posted while I was responding to rhian.

From the descriptions given in the link, it sounds most like Miliary Dermatitis or more like Walking Dandruff. The scales are not yellow or grayish, so I don't think it's scabies, even though the position is right.

It's so hard to tell which spots are signs of infection and which are fight wounds right now. I gave him a good brushing Sat afternoon and I try to do a bit each time I give him meds, but I'm just not used to handling a kitty in such poor shape and I'm afraid to investigate any of the neck wounds too carefully, even though he doesn't seem to mind.

My vet did not specify a diagnosis, but then I didn't ask either, and she said a medicated bath would help clear him up immensely. I may leave that to their capable hands before the neuter, though. I'll settle for brush and comb as much as he'll allow and sweeping up the leavings daily until he's lookin' good!
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